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The clock says that it is 18.50hrs so I go outside to go to the hotel where Felicia is staying which is only a short walk from my home. People look funny at me because of apparent happiness but I do not really care what they think. I arrive at the hotel and walk towards the girl behind the front desk to tell her that I am Marcella Highthorn to meet up with Felicia de la Try Ellis. The receptionist check her name and calls to the room of Felicia, she gets back to me after the call and tells me that I can g to room number three. She gives me the directions and I follow those as I walk towards Felicia’s room. When I try to knock on the door, it opens immediately and I hear sugary voice tell me to come further in the room.

Her room has almost all the light of except for a few candles on the desk at the foot end of the bed. The silvery bed curtains are closed at the moment but I can hear that someone is in it. Suddenly two chubby arms grab me from behind the curtains and pull me on the bed. “Don’t tease so much by keeping me waiting kerido” Felicia says who is wearing red silk lingerie which compliments her figure quite well. Hungrily she looks at me and starts to take of my clothes barely containing herself from ripping them. “These breasts are to die for” she tells me and I tell her that hers are not that bad either. When she gets to my panties she sees my cock in by stocking and she is no longer able to contain herself anymore as she starts licking my cock while it is still in my stocking.

The thing I feared for some time happens now when my schlong is getting hard and tears through my stocking barely missing Felicia’s face. “You really have a good penis kerido” Felicia says smiling at me. She licks along my shaft and gets to the tip which she puts in that hungry mouth of her. Her thick lips wrap themselves around my sausage and she hungrily starts sucking me of, sometimes mixed with her licking my dick with just her tongue. Remembering last time quickly gets my meat shaft throbbing again. Her lovingly licking and sucking me is getting me to an orgasm as I fill her lovely thick mouth with my hot semen. It is just too much for her to swallow and keep in her mouth as cum drips from her mouth on her chest.

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Here’s something fun I need your help with- Maxbass is writing a story where his character Marcella can’t decide if she should dress up as Poison or The Phantom Futa. Right now he is taking votes on his Hentai Foundry page so I need everyone to CLICK HERE and leave a comment saying that you want to see her as The Phantom Futa.

Voting ends Saturday at Midnight. The excerpt above is from that story, so even if you don’t get a chance to comment you should at least give it a read (but please do vote for our girl). Thanks!

Art by Oo_Sebastian_oO ~ Hentai Foundry
Story by Maxbass ~ Hentai Foundry
Marcella belongs to Maxbass

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