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During her latest return to the Core, Stella accepts an unusually lucrative contract from Hephaestus Industries to transport a moonraker, a scientist specializing in the survey of sites with potential for colonization, to a distant system on the Fringe. Being so isolated from major hyperspace trade routes, there are few Navigators willing to travel to the location of interest and the company is becoming desperate to find one.

Fortunately for Stella, she is due to make a cargo run to the region so she agrees to take the contract. She is reluctant to spend an extended period of time in her ship with some shut-in egghead scientist, but the money is just too good to ignore.

Much to her delight however, the moonraker turns out to be a blonde bombshell by the name of Charley Parker. While welcoming the curvaceous beauty aboard, Stella mentions that the environmental control systems for the guest quarters are (conveniently) malfunctioning. As a result, Charley will have to share Stella’s room, which although spacious for a single inhabitant will be quite…intimate for two.

Despite the bad news, Charley remains optimistic and cheerfully begins settling in as best she can. While the scientist is busy unpacking, Stella surreptitiously injects herself with a dose of FemPhal and eagerly waits for it to take effect…

Story by Rexxon ~ Hentai Foundry
Art by BlackMyst ~ DeviantArt

Stella Ganti is owned by Rexxon ~ Hentai Foundry
Charley Parker is owned by Bostik ~ Hentai Foundry

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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