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Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys

Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys

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I realized today that I haven’t posted a Dmitrys pin-up in a while so I figured it was a good time to correct that oversight. This piece, appropriately titled ‘Come Take A Seat’, is sort of a filler pic while he works on the next ‘Creamy Ranch’ series entry…I think. I don’t have a direct line to Dmitrys brain or anything, it’s more of an educated guess.

So I know the proverbial elephant in the room is Dmitrys’ lack of updates in the member section of his site. Honestly I can see both sides of the argument, and I’m not really going to weigh in on it, but I will say this: I have never seen an artist get blasted with so many negative comments, on their own site even, like Dmitrys does. Damn. Usually people just cancel their membership but those guys (some of which are my readers) are really vocal. It’s quite interesting to read some of the comment threads as there are both haters and supporters making pretty good arguments for each side.

I would like to point out that this piece, like all of Dmitrys’ renderings, is fucking amazing. Seriously, no one creates shemale hentai of this caliber. Do I wish Dmitrys was faster and had a new pic every week? Sure. Would I want that if it meant his quality suffered? No. That’s just me though (Derp. I guess I did kind of weigh in, oh well). Like Wolverine, Dmitrys is still the best there is at what he does…even if it takes a little longer.

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    11 Responses to “Come Take A Seat by Dmitrys”

    • Tatsumaki:

      Take a seat by? Take a seat on that.

    • follege:

      Mmm, alright, hope you liiiiiiiiiike it! Oh god yes! A little further! Fuck yeah! Mmm, fuck! I love your cock! Time to fuck my brains out! Mmm! Mmm! Fuck yeah! Harder! Harder! There! Deeper! Deeper! Fucking fill my ass up! Fuck yes! Fuck me! FUCK ME! Mmm, hope you enjoyed it as much as me!

    • christophe:

      seriously , if dmitry taking a long time for creeate a comic , that will be giant !!!!

    • Roxy:

      I think the vocal, so-called, “haters” don’t just cancel their memberships because they know Dmitry’s work is worth waiting for and they are just expressing their frustration at not having more of it and having it more often. They’re like the girl who keeps dating a jerk who doesn’t appreciate her simply because he’s the hottest guy around. lol (Not saying Dmitry’s a jerk who doesn’t appreciate his members.)

    • ThatOneGuy:

      People bitch at Dmitrys because he doesn’t update often??? That’s fuckin’ stupid! It’s quality that matters not quantity! It’s like in sex, if you gave a pretty decent sized cock and you know how to perform, it won’t matter if some other guy has a 10 inch bat! You’ll still be the best! People shouldn’t pressure the artist! It’s not that easy to draw something this awesome!!!

    • Sixtry:

      I was one of the guys that bitched on the site. But look at it from our perspective. We’re paying money for two pics a month. Now I got no problem with that really because they are such high quality, but Dmitry consistently said that he would be trying to keep a pic a week standard, and never does. Every update he said this, and that he was going to keep us updated, yet it never happens. He’d post the new pic and we wouldn’t hear anything from him until the next one was finished, which would be two to three weeks later. And even the day he says it will be posted it doesn’t happen. The last Creamy Ranch said Sunday, and it wasn’t up until Wednesday.

      Sorry about the rant, but just had to let you know that there is good reason for a lot of us to be upset. (Also lately he’s been focused on the femboys a lot more than the actual futas in his series…)

    • @Sixtry – Like I said, I could definitely see both sides of the argument and I appreciate hearing what you had to say about it. Thanks for weighing in.

    • follege:

      Why are we arguing? Just enjoy the pic like I did.

    • jonnycake:

      Let me sink my hot boy-cunt down over your dick. Ooooh, yeah, feel it inch it’s way in till it’s deep inside me. Mmmmmmm…

    • follege:

      Much better.

    • Wish a shemale or futa would suck my 9in cock im a boy and any hot sexy shemale or futa can suck me dry

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