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Commission – Omega by emikochan

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Any Futanari Obsession viewers read Dune? For those who haven’t the native inhabitants of the desert planet Dune, known as the Fremen, make use of stillsuits that cover their entire bodies that reclaim and recycle water, an invaluable tool for surviving on a planet where water is extremely scarce.

And thanks to emikochan, we now have a sexy, cyberpunk take on the stillsuit! I actually asked and emikochan confirmed that this was inspired from a mix of Dune, the anime Gantz, and latex bondage suits. As you can see, built into the suit are tubes and lines that collect her milk and cum to carry them into those canisters. Omega’s reason for stocking up on her own milk and cum is not yet revealed but I like to imagine that they serve as a tasty snack for when she’s too busy to get a bite to eat!

Love how the suit hugs every one of her curves and all the lighting effects that really shows the shiny sleekness of the latex. The suit stretches beautifully around her hard cock and massive tits and her nipples are poking deliciously out of the material!

As a lover of Dune and futanari, I’m blown away by this piece!

emikochan’s description of this picture implies that this gorgeous lady is the first of a series, so keep your eyes peeled for more!

– Rexxon

emikochan ~ Hentai Foundry

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