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Cum and Ink by Carbonoid

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Hmm yeah. Yeah this is pretty much how I’d like to spend most of my time with my hypothetical…uh…girlfriend? futafriend? Whatever, you get my point! XD

Just hop into a comfy loveseat, lie back and let her straddle me. She’ll guide her engorged cockhead to my lips and I’ll suck in into my mouth. Start swirling my tongue around it, tasting every inch of her cock, tracing the faint impressions of veins along the shaft. She leans back and grips my own rock-hard erection and with gentle but strong motions, starts to jerk me off. We’ll keep on teasing and pleasuring each other and the pressure in our dicks will grow and grow until we can’t hold back anymore! Then we’ll cum buckets all over each other, lie back and bask in the warm afterglow…then start all over again! 😀

– Rexxon

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