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Curiosity Killed the Cat by FaustSketcher

Curiosity Killed the Cat by FaustSketcher

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Unfortunately, according to the commissioner, FaustSketcher had to be vague in his write-up about this pic so I don’t really know what the story is. On the other hand do we really need to know why this futa is getting attacked by zombie mummies (w00t redundancy)? Ok actually I would like to know how she’s cumming that hard when she looks so scared. Maybe fear turns her on? That would suck if you were in a horror movie situation and being chased by Jason Vorhees and all of a sudden you wanted to bone him (if you were a chick). That would be kinda awkward for Jason I bet.

Ok, I might have gotten a little off-topic there but you know what is on point? This fucking picture. I really dig FaustSketcher’s style and this illustration is a prime example why. Fucking rad.

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