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Cute blonde futa jerking off

Cute blonde futa jerking off

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Man, it feels good to be back in my own place after spending two weeks with my parents for the holidays. My own bed, my own office, my own TV and PS3 – It’s the simple things in life that you miss when you are gone. Now that I’m back and the girlfriend is at work it’s time to look at some hot futanari hentai! I found this pic on one of the boards and got hard almost instantly. I love her big ass and thick cock dripping with milky white cum. It makes me wish I could just jump in there and put the whole thing in my mouth and swallow every drop then fuck the hell out of her round ass. Wow, that makes me realize how futa deprived I’ve been these last few weeks. Ok, time to take advantage of an empty apartment. Hope you guys enjoy the pic as much as I do!

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    12 Responses to “Cute blonde futa jerking off”

    • nickreaper:

      Have you ever considered dating a shemale? Assuming you and your current girlfriend…you know.

    • Futa Fan:

      I’ve never really considered dating one. Having sex with one is another story though…

    • rondo:

      does your girlfriend know you get aroused by this type of material?
      if so, how does it effect what you do in bed?
      if not, do you plan to tell her? and what if she found out on her own?

    • Futa Fan:

      My girlfriend doesn’t know about my futa obsession. She knows what I do for a living – running multiple adult blogs – and she is very supportive of my particular career choice (she actually proof reads them for errors lol). I try very hard to keep this one hidden from her which explains why I have to go a couple days without updating Futanari Obsession sometimes. I’m not sure how she would react if she found out so I keep it on the down low. In the back of my mind I know it will probably come up someday but for right now it’s my secret.

    • Ghost:

      What is your PSN nickname?

    • lothar:

      maybe if you tell her she might get a strap-on Thats what most guys who like futanari do with their girls. also dat ass

    • Rondo:

      what other adult blogs do you do?

    • Futa Fan:

      @Ghost – Geist01
      @lothar – yea, I’m not sure about that.
      @Rondo – as well as the spin off sites under “The MPL Network” on the left side bar.

    • Freaky dude:

      Very hot

    • plop:

      would like to see more by that artist

    • Deluxian:

      Not that’s it’s any of my business ,but does your parents know about what you do?

    • Futa Fan - Owner:

      @Deluxian – I’m 36, it doesn’t matter lol They know I run websites, they just don’t know which ones

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