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Demon Schoolteacher by Majalis

Demon Schoolteacher by Majalis

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And today Majalis gives new meaning to that phrase: “Teacher from hell”

Personally I had an utterly average high school experience. I didn’t bomb any of my classes but some days it was just really hard to focus. Especially whenever I had that one teacher with the droning voice that could put you to sleep in an instant.

But maybe if I had a demonic soul-eating she-devil with a magnificent rack, legs that go on for days, and a cock the size of my forearm instructing, I’d have paid more attention. Watching her fine booty wiggle as she writes on the chalkboard, her tits bulging from her top as she leans over to pass out tests, her cock soaking through her skirt with dribbles of sweet precum….

Aw, who am I kidding? I’d still slack off. But I’d certainly be sitting straighter in my seat, so to speak!

– Rexxon

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