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Devilish Delight by WickedJ and Kadaju

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Denrin could feel the succubus’ cock thrust inside her again. It was just such an unspeakably pleasurable feeling each time it filled her pussy, the tiny little knobs on top of it making it feel as if made specifically to rub against the most sensitive areas of the soft, spongy pink flesh inside her as she bounced up and down in the demon’s lap. Her mind had tried, ever since she saw this woman called Azari, changed shape in front of her into a demon looking succubus to understand how it had come to this.

Denrin had approached a pretty woman, like she often did when she wanted to see if she could make someone a convert; a true believer in God through sexual pleasure, and this one had looked so promising to her. But, now, as she felt the demon’s cock inside her it was she that felt a pleasure she had never had before.

“Ahhh…fffff… N-no… I’m already… ahnnn… again…”

Azari was squeezing Denrin’s breasts, her hand reaching around from behind and fondling the large, pillowy tits that swayed up and and down for each thrust of her succubus femcock, and the other slipping around the priestess’ hips and grabbing hold of her cock. Denrin groaned with pleasure as Azari’s hand jerked her femcock. She didn’t know if it was some kind of magic or if it really was like that, but the palm of the succubus’ hand felt so warm as it wrapped itself around her hard member and tugged on it.

“Mnnnnhh… Cum for me… Show me another orgasm, priestess…”

Denrin couldn’t hold it in any longer and a few quick bursts of creamy white cum shot out of her cock as she heard Azari’s tongue speak so seductively behind her. She was out of count for how many times she had cum now, but it was at least five or six, and each time felt just so much more intense than the last. As the climax washed over her her cock remained hard as rock, the warmth of Azari’s hand making sure she just couldn’t go limp. With a hazy mind Denrin could only think the reason this was happening was that God was testing her, testing her to see how many climaxes she could get and each one bringing her closer to Him.

“Haah…hhhaa… I… haah… want more, demon… Hnnahh… Bring me closer to God…”

Azari laughed at how ridiculous the priestess’ reasoning was, but she was a succubus; a pleasure demon, and to have someone beg her for more sexual fulfilment was something she was more than happy to oblige. With a fling of her tail she made the tip of it flick against Denrin’s clit, to yet another gasping moan from the priestess, and then the succubus’ hips started moving again, thrusting her demon femcock in and out of Denrin’s pussy again. She could go for hours more just on the sexual energy alone from each orgasm the priestess had.

– Kadaju

Art by WickedJ ~ Hentai Foundry ~ DeviantArt ~ PAtreon
Story by Kadaju ~ Hentai Foundry

Denrin belongs to Kadaju
Azari belongs to WickedJ

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