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Domina by Butcher20

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Been ages since we’ve had some art from Butcher20 but today that changes!

The blonde Roman futanari from this picture makes a triumphant return! And I guess we know her name now: Domina

Look at this classy bitch! She’s got the perfectly done hair, the light makeup, the great big firm boobies, and the huge meaty cock-n-balls resting between her legs! And that pose, showing off all of her hot-as-hell body! It’s just inviting you to join her in her bed and fuck like animals!

This woman’s built like a goddess and I’m ready to worship her! Who’s with me?

– Rexxon

Art by Butcher20 ~ Hentai Foundry

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    4 Responses to “Domina by Butcher20”

    • reddragon162:

      Actually, from watching Sparticus, I’m pretty sure that Domina is actually a title, not a name. In either case, this is one sexy pic. The artist has some other great ones too.

    • Lu:

      It’s the feminine version of Dominus which means Lord or Master. They use the title in Rome too. It’s basically the Roman version of “Lady” regarding a woman of power and status within a certain household.

    • qwerty:

      the perfect futa material is all the hot ladies from maken-ki series. I’d love to see Dmitrys take on them being futa! especially the nurse Nijou Aki sensei with her epic k cup size.

    • spelled_by_futanari:

      If I was beside her right now I will be so happy and i will have a great sex

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