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“Draenei futa has her way” by Ultra Fem

"Draenei futa has her way" by Ultra Fem

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That busty chick is getting raped by a blue futanari demon – Bad day for her but a great day for us. Just look at that explosion of futa semen shooting out of her tight hole. I’m guessing that her womb can’t hold that much demon cum, maybe next time Draenei should try the asshole! Ultra Fem’s style is clean and vibrant and it doesn’t matter if she is drawing women or futanari demons – they are always sexy. For some reason I have always really liked profile shots like this one, where you can’t see the actual penis penetration. I guess because it leaves more to my imagination (which is already overactive) and I can envision her demon futa penis any size I want. You know I don’t normally like abnormally big shemale dicks but in this particular case my fantasy is telling me Draenei has a HUGE one – she is a demon futa after all!

Art by Ultra Fem ~ Website

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