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Draenei High – Part 1 by MrDoodles

Draenei High - Part 1 by MrDoodles

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Wow, this is a damn impressive piece by MrDoodles. He really seems to be firing on all cylinders lately. That’s not to say his art was bad before, he just seems to be cranking out some really awesome illustrations lately. This pic is titled ‘Draenei High – Part 1’, I think the bar has been set pretty fucking high for Part 2. I can’t wait to see it.

It might sound kinda odd but I think one thing that really sets great hentai artists apart from the crowd is how they draw cum. Not the amount of cum but how it actually looks. Perfectly rendered jizz can make good cartoon porn great. Some artists – like MrDoodles – are just better at drawing liquid I guess. I love the amount and the consistency of the semen in this piece – It’s the reason it got featured here (and probably Hentai Foundry) in the first place. MrDoodles is the master of the milk white goodness!

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