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Dsan Presents: “Date Night” for Prism Girls

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

Say whaaat?!

Hey guys and gals, guess what! I have a comic on!

The Mya & Janet comic was doing really great and a lot of people liked it, and now I get to make more stories with the two, and afford rent!

It’s really surprising and a bit humbling to be honest. I started out just doing hentai art for fun at a time when I was really frustrated with my IRL work. Just something to de-stress and an excuse to draw some boobs. Then I started getting requests and commissions, and a lot of attention from my art that I never expected! Then imagine my surprise when an artist I admired liked my work a lot as well, and even made me the offer to work with them! I’m just really happy I was given a chance to do something cool like this, and really to just be acknowledged by awesome people like you guys.

Ok, so here’s the sales pitch now, haha! XP

Prism Girls’s is made by comic artists for comic lovers like you, so show your support by signing up for a membership! You can sign up for just a 1 month subscription and get access to all of the comics on the site, it’s a great deal! And if you want updates all the time on new comics from your favorite artists, Doxy, Incase, Stickymon, Nerdsplurter, Brekkist and more, then sign up for a monthly sub, to always keep up with the latest comics!

– Dsan

Click here to read the full comic at

Art by Dsan ~ Hentai FoundryTumblr ~ Prism Girls
Mya and Janet belong to Dsan

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