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Ellorah by Dwenda

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As a casual hobbyist writer of erotic fantasy fiction, and long-time player of tabletop RPGs and MMOs for many years, having a character dear to your heart is something that happens naturally. Recently I’ve started supplementing my writing and playing with commissions of my two most beloved OCs – my namesake Sapphidia, who is the character I identify most with, but also her younger, blonder sister Ellorah. Futa Fan asked me for a few words about Ellorah, and my inspiration for the pair.

There’s a tendency amongst most popular futa art to depict its women as hugely well-endowed muscular amazons, or at least blessed with comic-book fantasy proportions with perfect athletic figures, large cocks and big swollen balls: dominant objects of desire. Now, I’m as big a fan of these images as anyone, but characters like Ellorah, along with her redheaded elder sister Sapphidia, can possibly redress the balance a little. You see, to all intents and purposes, Ellorah is a normal girl – she’s young, chirpy, naive, she has no magical superpowers, and she has the kind of appealing but untoned and common body shape that might hint at a few too many cakes. She also happens to have been born with a cute, modest cock that she’s a little shy of.

Ellorah and Sapphidia (who was last seen depicted by InCase being preyed upon by the castanic Vampiress Elishi) have existed with me for nearly 15 years now, and have been carried through countless MMOs, games and RPGs of both fantasy and SciFi environments. They translate very well from setting to setting, as they have one thing which sets them apart from a lot of characters – they’re fundamentally “normal”. Amazing fantasy settings just seem that much more fantastical when viewed through the eyes of unremarkable girls with the same needs and insecurities as any normal citizen. Currently Ellorah resides in the Tera universe where she exists as the overworked Ship’s Priestess on a castanic-run Pirate ship, and life can be tricky when you have to keep a bulge like -hers- secret from so many prying buccaneers.

From setting to setting, the fundamental personalities and storyline of Ellorah and her sister remain the same – forced out of their family farm/village/offworld colony in their late teens by whichever cataclysmic event or rampaging invaders suit the setting, the girls have had to grow up fast and turn to each other for support. Is it any wonder the pair have a rather heated incestuous relationship? Cute little cocks like theirs do need regular servicing, and when the only person in the world you can truly trust is your own sister, it’s no wonder that Ellorah regularly wakes up to the sensation of her beloved sibling’s warm mouth wrapped around her “little secret”.

– Sapphidia

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Ellorah is owned by Sapphidia

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    2 Responses to “Ellorah by Dwenda”

    • Melina in pantyhose:

      Well — I, for one, rather like Ellorah’s realistic shape. And were I her sibling, I doubt that I could keep her ‘little secret’ hidden for too long.

      If you know what I mean.

    • Jonnycake:

      I’d rather deep-throat a five incher than choke on a nine.(;)

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