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Enjeru Bureido by 34san

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Holy fuckballs is this picture gorgeous!

Alright so Angel Blade was the first futanari hentai I ever saw. In fact it may have been the first hentai I ever saw period. Like they say, you never forget your first time and as you can imagine, this picture definitely finds a place very close to my heart (and my penis).

Has it really been over ten years since Angel Blade bounced tit-first into the hearts, minds and dicks of so many? When Kyoka’s fine booty and massive knockers wobbled their way across the screen? When sexy policewoman/ninja Ayame got captured and raped in just about every appearance? Ten years since the magnificent Nailkaizer first unveiled not one, not two, but THREE absolutely huge cocks to the world?

Apparently it has. But despite being over a decade old, I for one think that the series has held up beautifully over the years. It’s gorgeous girls are animated with so much attention and love. Every  last bit of the ladies’ fine bodies still wiggles and jiggles with eye-catching, jaw-dropping, pants-tightening glory. There’s also a plethora of dicks to go around, with just about every villain packing a meaty shaft to ravish and rape the luscious heroines and then drown them in a deluge of thick cum. If you’ve never seen this hentai, I strongly recommend that you do!

Thank you Angel Blade, for introducing me to a crazy but wonderful world of hentai, futanari, and of course futanari hentai!

And thank you 34san for creating this masterpiece!

– Rexxon

34san ~ Hentai Foundry

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    2 Responses to “Enjeru Bureido by 34san”

    • GhostlyFuta:

      La Blue Girl was my first Futanari and tentacle hentai. But Angel Blade is the first one that I went in for the Futa

    • Helikos:

      I love angel blade it’s a pity they stopped making episodes. Angel blade was also my first hentai(that I watched multiple episodes of) and to GhostlyFuta La blue girl was a very good hentai. I love nailkaiser and have always wanted to see a futa version of something like this since i saw the 3way series, great work 🙂

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