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“Face Fucked” by Nikcesco made my day infinitely better

Face Fucked by Nikcesco

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Today was kind of an off day – It all started when I woke up late with a bit of a hangover from too much partying in Hollywood last night for my friend’s birthday. Then I kinda putzed around the house cleaning and whatnot because I wasn’t feeling particularly horny. It doesn’t happen too often but it’s definitely hard to write about porn when you aren’t in the mood, ya know?  So after a while I decided to troll around on Hentai Foundry when all of a sudden I came across this pic by Nikcesco. God damn! How the hell did I miss this, it’s fucking amazing! And just like that I am back in the mood for some hot futanari hentai!

Thank you, Nikcesco for turning my day around with this amazing piece. You rock!

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