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Fantasy Earth: Zero dickgirl eating her own cum

Fantasy Earth Zero dickgirl eating her own cum by Bonsuke

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I found this pic on Gelboou and came almost instantly. Not that you need to know this to enjoy the pic but it’s based on a failed MMO game called Fantasy Earth: Zero by Square Enix (based on the Gelbooru tag and Wikipedia) and the artist is Bonsuke. Feel free to correct me if any of the info is wrong but that’s the extent of my research lol.

Anyways, back to the image. Between her erect nipples and hard cock spewing cum I don’t know what I want to suck on more! I love the fact that she is tasting her own milky white semen and is turned on by it just as much as I am. Honestly I don’t mind the cock sleeves as Japanese artists seems to use them as a way of getting around censorship laws – Hell it’s better than having a black bar or a pixelated dick right? It’s funny to note that there technically isn’t any nudity in this illustration yet it’s just as hot as anything else I’ve posted before. Good stuff. Now it’s time to go play some Mortal Kombat! Catch ya later.

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