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Feetskeet by 34san

A sexy shemale jerks off on a group of girls feet - Transgender Hentai at

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If there’s one fetish that I truly don’t understand it’s foot fetish. I have a good friend that’s really into it, like that’s his main thing, and I’ve tried talking to him about it, but it’s kinda like me trying to explain my futanari obsession with someone who doesn’t like dickgirls. There’s just no way to make the other person understand. All that being said, I don’t have anything against the foot fetish in general. To each their own, I say.

I will say this though- 34San knows how to draw realllly good feet. It’s quite impressive. Clearly he has a foot fetish so I assume those of you that do as well will get a kick out of this piece. Let me know if I’m wrong cause I’m flying blind here lol.

Art by 34San ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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    5 Responses to “Feetskeet by 34san”

    • Jonnycake:

      I’m with you. Not a feet kind of guy

    • Midori:

      Yeah. I don’t understand the foot fetish either.

    • Solus:

      I have a foot fetish and don’t really understand it either xd, same for my love for futas.I just don’t question it and go with it.

    • Futa Onyx:

      Yeah, it’s really hard to explain a foot fetish, even us that have it can barely explain why we have it or why we love feet ^^;

      And this pic right here…….is prime heaven to us and add in the futa quality it and this sent me skyrocketing cx So much love for this pic

    • shin:

      I don’t like feet at all…that said, I think 34san is the best at drawing cocks and balls!

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