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Filthy Futa Sailor Sluts by Kras and White-Devil

Filthy Futa Sailor Sluts by Kras and White Devil

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Well I’m finally back home after being gone for a month. The holidays with my family were fun and all but it definitely feels good to be in my own apartment and sleep in my own bed again. I’ll have to see how I feel next year but I don’t think I want to be gone for this long a period again. This all means that you can look forward to more frequent updates in January. Now onto the hentai!

Some of you might have already seen this pic on Hentai Foundry a few weeks back and might be aware that the hentai artist White-Devil has his own website now called The illustration above was drawn by Kras at and expertly colored by White-Devil (Kras used the pic to announce White-Devil’s new site which I thought was really cool of him). I wish I was more timely in my announcement of the new site but unfortunately the news broke as I was en route to the east coast and then life sort of happened. Better late than never though right?!

Those of you that have been into hentai for as long as I have (especially futanari hentai) know who Kras is and know who White-Devil is. For those that don’t know, don’t let the pic above fool you – They are two totally different artists with different styles but, like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter, when merged together they form the Voltron of hentai! I don’t know if Kras and White-Devil will be collaborating together again in the future of if this is a one time deal but I’m not going to complain because the pic above is so insanely awesome it’s unsane! Check out both artists’ sites by clicking on their link below and, as always, enjoy!

See more hentai by White-Devil at
See more hentai by Kras at

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