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Foxes and their Coxes by Shia

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This sexy little futa-foxgirl is certainly an industrious creature! She’s assembled this handy little cumsucker machine to help relieve her painfully hard erection. But she’s also mindful that simply letting all that delicious cum go to waste would be a terrible thing. No doubt she’s going to save it for a special occasion. Maybe to make ice cream or holiday eggnog or maybe just to throw it into the face of someone she doesn’t like. The possibilities are endless!

Once again, Shia has done a great job with the expressions of the characters he draws and adds a ton of bright colors that give, for lack of a better word, a “fun” feel to his works. And if you need more reason to check out his pictures and comics, I’ll say this: “There are puns. Glorious, glorious puns.”

– Rexxon

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