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From captain to cargo – Art by DearEditor

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Tel’viami was strolling through the corridors of her ship, thinking to herself about the events that had led her to this point. Not only was this twi’lek smuggler the captain of her own ship, she had scored a big victory for the Republic in its war against the Empire, she also had a loyal crew and had built her own galaxy spanning criminal empire. Not bad, she admitted to herself, not bad at all. However there always were new riches to be made and as soon as her crew returned they would be planning their next moves.

As the captain passed the medical bay, she came to a stop.

“Risha?” she said surprised. “Why are you here? Didn’t you go on shore leave with the others?”

Risha was looking up from a terminal she was working on. “I had to take care of something” she replied before turning her head back to the terminal.

“It’s good that you’re here though. There’s something we need to tell you.”

“We?” Tel asked as she started to look around.

“Yes, we.” replied the powerful voice of Akaavi who was standing right behind her. Tel jumped since Akaavi caught her completely off guard.

“Jeesh, Akaavi.” Tel said with a grin on her face. “You really shouldn’t startle me like that. I could have hurt you, you know. Or even worse, you could have hurt me.” She turned her attention back to Risha. “So what was it you wanted to talk about? Some new scheme to rake in loads of credits and power?”

The human was still focused on the terminal but smirked as she said “See, captain? That’s what I always liked about you. You catch on quick.”

“So then” Tel said with an uplifted voice. “A gloomy forest world? A churning metropolis? A freezing ice planet? Where will my ship go next?”

“Our ship” Risha said casually.

The captain looked at her with a skeptic frown. “You know your jokes used to be better.”

“We’re taking over.” came the reply. This time from Akaavi.

Tel just stared at the zabrak for a brief moment “You get a pass. You usually never make jokes anyways.”

Risha was scratching her head. “Maybe I should take that compliment from earlier back. So let me make it more clear. This was you last day as captain.”

Now Tel’viami started to get angry. “So you’re serious? You’re actually serious. So what is this? Mutiny on my own ship?”

“Our ship” Risha repeated. “and I wouldn’t call it ‘mutiny’. I think a better term would be a change of management.”

Tel’viami immediately reached for her blaster. “We’ll see about th-” her comeback got interrupted and replaced by a short cry of pain, as Akaavi grabbed both her arms by the wrists and pulled them behind her back. While holding Tel’s arms in place with her left hand, she used the other to take the Twi’lek’s blaster and tossed it out into the corridor.

Tel’viami struggled against Akaavi’s hold but that only caused her to tighten her grip, sending more waves of pain through Tel’s retrained arms. She had to accept that the zabrak woman was simply stronger than her. “Ou! You blasted- You will pay for this! Both of you!”

“Captain, don’t end it like this” said Risha. “I think we had a profitable arrangement, wouldn’t you agree. You should know better than most, that when one has a chance to grab a bigger piece of the cake, this chance should be taken.”

“But why?” asked Tel’viami with growing disbelief in her voice. “I fought at your side! I was there when you needed help.”

Risha nodded. “And we really appreciate that, but we also fought at your side and helped you reach your goals. As far as we are concerned we’re even.”

The human smiled at Tel “We had a few nice rounds of Pazaak together, but now the cards have been reshuffled and you drew the losing card. I thought you’d accept your loss with some dignity. We always liked you.”

Tel’viami couldn’t believe just how smug Risha acted. “You daughters of a Hutt! I will-”

“Quiet!” This short and stern command by Akaavi took the momentum from Tel.

“Yes” Risha sighed “we liked you even with that loud mouth of yours.” She made a few more button presses on the terminal and then moved towards Tel’viami. “Be it as it may, this ship in officially ours now.” She had a cheeky smile on her face. “You’ve vanished from all galactic entries. It is as if Captain Tel’viami never even existed.” Now she let out a quick laugh. She was actually genuinely amused “This was really all too easy.”

“So now what?” asked Tel, who had found a bit of her composure again. “Are you going to kick me out of my ship and fly off?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Risha waved her finger. “Our ship. And no, that wouldn’t be smart. You might actually find a way to get your name recognized again. Besides I know what you do to people who take this ship from you.” She gave a smile. “No I think it would be safer to simply take you with us as our ‘guest’. So I guess we still get to enjoy your company, while-”

Risha noticed the expression of scorn on Akaavi’s face. “Akaavi, is something wrong?”

“Yes” the zabrak replied. “This is wrong.”

Risha looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“You don’t need to explain yourself, because there is no one that is asking questions.” Akaavi replied. “If you defeat a worthy opponent, that warrior deserves the same respect and praise as those of your own clan. Their stories and legends will be retold in the generations to come. However, if your ‘enemy’ is so easily defeated that you didn’t even break a sweat, there was no fight. These people deserve no praise, not even ridicule. They don’t deserve any recognition at all since the fact that the may or may not have lived has no meaning.” She nodded. “it is as you said earlier. Tel’viami doesn’t exist. She never did.”

Tel was in shock, wondering if this was all just a dream. All of this was just so surreal. Was she really hearing these words?

Risha on the other hand was visibly amused. “Oh my what an intriguing concept. I really like the way you’re thinking my dear Akaavi.” She pointed at Tel. “What about this then? What do we have here?”

“This” Akaavi began, stepping to the side of Tel’viami as she tightened her grip around the Twi’lek’s wrists and effortlessly forced her on her knees, while unbuckling her own belt with her free hand.

“Ooouch!” shrieked the twi’lek. “Watch out what you’re-” She fell silent as Akaavi pulled a big half erect cock out of her pants. It was fiercely red like the rest of the zabrak’s body and bore tattoos similar to those on her face.

“This” Akaavi started anew “is merely a thing. A piece of cargo if you will. In reality hough it really might just as well be space debris.” With these words she grabbed the twi’lek by the back of her head and, with one swift movement, shoved Tel’s head onto her half erect cock, immediately drving it in to the base.

Tel was caught completely by surprise and got no time to react before the zabrak’s big member rested firmly in her mouth. She instinctively started to gag, because the glans was reaching into her throat.

During all of this Akaavi didn’t look at the Twi’lek once. Not even for a split second would her eyes wander down. And even Risha only took a short glance when Akaavi pulled out her member.
It wasn’t just like the two of them ignored the Twi’lek and her struggles it was more lie they didn’t recognize them at all.

Then Akaavi pulled her member out, Just as quickly as she had shoved it in.

Tel’viami started to cough while also trying to gasp for air inbetween but the zabrak immediately put her hand onto the Twi’lek’s mouth leaving her with little chance to cough or breath.

“Unfortunately” Akaavi said. “it sometimes makes some weird noises.”

“Must be because of its low quality.” Risha replied.

The zabrak nodded. “Yes. Like I said,it’s practically junk.”

Risha sighed, then shrugged nonchalantly. “Oh well. A mercenary and a scoundrel. If someone knows how to make use of seemingly useless things, it’s us. In fact-” she looked around the room. “I think I already have an idea. I really think it’s time we celebrate the acquisition of our new ship and our already prosperous partnership. Wouldn’t you agree, my dear Akaavi?”

Akaavi nodded. “Absolutely”

Risha smiled. “In that case, would you help me put this thing on the med table?”

With a quick movement the zabrak lifted up the twi’lek and then dropped her carelessly on the med table.

“Ou! He-”

“Would you look at that” said Risha with disbelief in her voice. “Looks like this thing somehow got caught up in pieces of cloth. unlike that thing, these actually look like they’re worth something.” she continued as she pulled of the Twi’lek’s boots.

Akaavi let out a quick chuckle. “You really see all sorts of weird things in the galaxy.” She pushed the twi’lek’s upper body up and removed the jacket. “Look after a good cleaning you might even use this yourself. I’m sure it would look good on you.”

Risha laughed. “Why, thank you my dear. Although on second glance I have to say it seems to be a midriff jacket. That would look a bit skanky. Who would even wear something like that?”

“Huh. You’re right.” Akaavi said as she tossed the jacket over her shoulder. “Sorry about that.” she added as she simply tore off the twi’lek’s shirt.

“Nah, it’s alright.” Risha replied as she roughly pulled of the pants of the twi’lek. “There you go. Now would you please pull it a little further towards you? Now a little yo your left. Yes, that looks good. Thank you.” She closed and then locked the restraining cuffs around the twi’lek’s wrists. “It’s not like it could get damaged, but I still wouldn’t want it to slip of the table by accident.”

Risha took a brief look over their work. “Now then. Everything seems to be ready.” With these words she pulled of her own pants, revealing her own big, hard and throbbing member. She brought herself into position close to the twi’lek’s hips. “This seems like a nice way to celebrate. What do you think?” she said to Akaavi.

“Indeed” the zabrak replied, moving herself into position. “A curious little idea you had there.”

The twi’lek looked down her body and saw Risha moving closer with her cock out and an unmistakable intend. “What!? No!” the twi’lek cried out, closing her legs and pressing her knees together in an attempt to protect herself. A movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention and so she looked up. Over her she saw Akaavi’s cock again. Now that it was fully erect, she could clearly see the thick veins running along the shaft. A loud thump made her turn her head to the side where Akaavi had just placed one of her boots to allow herself better entrance. The twi’lek desperately held her head to the side

Risha didn’t take her eyes off Akaavi, as she uncaringly pushed the twi’lek’s knees to the side and placed the tip of her member on the twi’lek’s pussy lips. “Why, thank you. I knew you would like this.”

Akaavi grabbed the Twi’lek’s by her jaw and turned its head into position. Akaavi placed her cock on the twi’lek’s mouth, leading to an unwilling kiss between its lips and the hot tip of the zabrak’s penis.

“Shall we then?” Akaavi asked

“We shall.” Risha said. “To our new ship! To our partnership!”

“Hear, hear!” Akaavi replied.

There was high pitched panicked sounding “Plea-” that got cut out as the two of them drove their cocks deep into the twi’lek, spreading her lips on both ends.

All of a sudden the panic in the twi’lek’s mind was replaced by intense pain seemingly coming from everywhere. The intrusion was rough and swift. The zabrak’s cock buried its way into her throat, making it ache and starting her gagging reflex again. The humans assault on her pussy wasn’t any less painful, as the sizable member shoved into her.

There was no carefulness, no slow start, there wasn’t even a pause after the two cocks made their way in for the first time. They were immediately pulled back and then shoved right back in with the same pace as the first time. Usually the twi’lek had time to think, time to act, time to change something, anything about her situation. Not here though, not now. There wasn’t any chance, not even for a brief moment, to concentrate on anything. All there was was pain and the steady hammering of the cocks that were driven in and out of her. And her own sobbing. It seemed like that was the only thing she could do.

All the while the penetration went on and on. In and out, in and out, in and out. Never ending, never slowing down.

The pain wasn’t fading either, instead it got accompanied from other sources. Sweat was running down from Akaavi’s balls, over the twi’leks face and into her eyes, making them burn and water and mixing itself with her tears. There was also a throbbing pain coming from her legs as they kept being spread apart forcefully.

Risha and Akaavi just kept on pounding the twi’lek’s holes rigorously. All the while the two of them ware holding casual conversation.

“-No, honestly. That was the last we saw of that guy.” ended Risha. Akaavi let out a laugh. “That sure was quite the story Risha. Personally I would have shot him and be done with it, but I can see the appeal of your approach. You really are an endless source of ideas.”

“Oh, Akaavi. You flatter me.” Risha said in playful coyness. “Besides, you do have some pretty interesting ideas of your own. I really learned quite a bit from you today.”
“I think we both learned new things today” Akaavi replied.

“True enough.” Risha said. “And perhaps we both developed a better understanding for each other as well as a new found… interest?”
“Perhaps.” the zabrak replied with a chuckle.

Risha had a playful smile on her face. “In that case, why don’t we deepen our relationship?”

Her member still in the twi’lek’s hole, the human climbed onto the table. Now kneeling on the table herself she pushed up the legs of the twi’lek and moved closer towards Akaavi.

The zabrak meanwhile pulled her other foot on the table, both of them now placed to the sides of the twi’lek’s head. For a moment Akaavi and Risha were not moving and just looking each other deeply into the eyes.

There it was. A pause. At this point she had almost given up hope it would come. She still felt pain all over her body and the cocks were still deep in her but at least for now they were resting, giving her a much needed pause. Maybe now she would get a chance to think clearly.

After an intense moment of just looking at each other, the human and the zabrak moved their heads closer, embracing each other in a sensual kiss. At the same time they also started moving their hips again. Their new positions not only allowed for a deeper penetration but it also enabled them to fasten their pace. And so they did, aroused by their embrace to two of them hammered their cocks deep and fast into the holes. The two enjoyed each other, they enjoyed the taste, the feeling of each others tongue and the wet sound it made accompanied by the constant sound of skin slapping against skin.

The interruption was long forgotten. The pain was back as the two cocks now plowed into her even more viciously than before. One was constantly slamming against her cervix, the unbelievable pain of it almost making her pass out. The other one was pounding in and out of her throat. She still felt like gagging, but the thick member suppressed the reflex. When she opened her eyes, her view was red. All she could see was Akaavi’s ass moving up and down over her. The zabrak’s anus closed in and move away again and again at quick pace, while her balls were constantly smacking wetly against the twi’lek’s nose and eyes. Not that the twi’lek was able to see much anyways. the fluids on her face were also mixed with her saliva as well as Akaavii’s pre-cum.
The twi’lek was just lying there. Unable to move, unable to think. Left at the non-existant mercy of the two cocks that were ravaging her body to their hearts content.
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And then it suddenly ended. Akaavi came first. Her member shoved in a deep as she could, her tensed up balls pressed tightly against the twi’lek’s face, she let out a hot stream of cum shooting down the twi’lek’s throat and as more and more of the liquid poured out, the member was slowly moving out of the twi’lek.

Then it was Risha’s turn. Signaled by a piercing pain as the cock rammed against the twi’lek’s cervix once more, before it came to a halt and started pumping her full of its hot seed.

Akaavi slowly pulled her cock out of the hole while moving from the table. Once she finally fully removed her member, the twi’lek automatically started gasping for air. For now the relief was only shortlived though. The zabrak rested her balls on the twi’lek’s face, closing off her mouth and nose while the rest of the cum poured out and dripped onto the abused neck of the twi’lek.
Risha meanwhile was still deep in the equally abused pussy, waiting until the flow of cum had stopped, leaving every last drop within the hole. When she was done, the human climbed from the table and walked over to Akaavi. While two shared another kiss, each of them grabbed one of the twi’lek’s lekku and used them to roughly clean of their cocks.

As they were putting their clothes back on Risha said to Akaavi. “Could you meet me on the bridge, dear? It’s time we take off.”

“I will.” Akaavi replied. “Just give me a moment. I’m going to tell the droid to clean up the med bay.” She pointed over her shoulder. “Shall I throw this thing into the cargo bay afterwards?”

Risha just shrugged. “Sure I guess, why not.”

With that they left the med bay. The thing meanwhile was still gasping for air.

Art by DearEditor ~ Hentai Foundry
Story by Minyerva ~ Hentai Foundry

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