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Fuckbunny by InCase

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Dat ass. Dem titties. Dat tongue. Dem balls. Dat ridonkulously fat cock, plunging into Sponty’s exposed asshole.

Meet Drithique everyone! Though she’s a new original character on the block she’s already made herself acquainted with veteran fuckbunny Sponty in this smoking hot picture by InCase.

I love the poses here because you can somehow see absolutely everything. The cheeks Drithique’s ass pointing up into the air, her tail curling in delight, her hand squeezing her fat, turgid nipple and spraying a jet of milk everywhere while her other hands desperately supports her top-heavy body. Her giant tongue lolling out of her mouth gives me some rather delicious ideas as well. And my favorite element of course, her gloriously thick cock driving hard into Sponty’s bum while her balls slap wetly with every thrust!

Sponty’s still as gorgeous as ever, eagerly tit-fucking her own cock while fellating it with her sweet mouth in a show of supremely sexy flexibility. I think Sponty is tempted to close her eyes to savor the mindblowing pleasure, but she’s got to keep one eye open to watch Drithique’s cum tickle her taut ballsack and dribble down her shaft to splatter all over her face…Damn that’s hot.

As is typical for InCase, there’s a slew of alternate versions. The version above can be found on his blog and is referred to simply as the “Boobie milk” version. I gotta say, though the image is amazing on it’s own, the addition of even more fluids squirting everywhere sends it from “hot” to “volcanic”!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show your love for InCase and Drithique!

– Rexxon

Art by InCase ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Official Blog

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