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Futa Baroness and Lady Jaye get milked

Futa Baroness and Lady Jaye get milked

Futa Baroness and Lady Jaye get milked

What’s this? A female futanari artist? Wow, that’s totally hot. Check out Ultra Fem to see that magical shemale artwork of Lisa M. Hayes. Her style is very clean with strong black lines and vibrant solid colors that convey her American comics influences.  As you are jerking off to hot babes with big dicks by Ultra Fem remember that girls are just as perverted as guys.

Now on to the piece above – Being a boy growing up in the 80’s I never missed and episode of G.I.Joe and that was partially because I loved the Baroness. Before I knew how to jerk off I was fantasizing about being captured by her and forced to give up the location of the Joe’s base through sexual acts. Of course being young the sexual acts I had envisioned were fairly innocent as I was not yet privy to the world of sexy futas. This is why I love “Futa Baroness and Lady Jaye get milked”  so much – it’s like a sequel to my childhood but this time it is the Baroness that is getting tortured and Lady Jaye is just there as a bonus.

Art by Ultra Fem ~ Website

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    4 Responses to “Futa Baroness and Lady Jaye get milked”

    • Glad you found me! I do the futa art because that’s what my customers pay for! LOL

      I’ll send you a couple of unpublished pieces if you’ll keep sending visitors to me!

    • Futa Fan:

      Hi Piter
      Yes, my blog is my hobby and my full time job. That’s what makes it so great. I’m glad you like it! 🙂

    • Duke:

      Ohhhh man. I know what you mean… the Baroness was one of the hottest female villains around and still is to this day. From her sexy figure to her sexy accent she’s been in my fantasies since I can remember. Same for Lady Jaye. She’s smart, sexy, and stubbornly determined. I’d love to be on the receiving end of their special attention Especially the Baroness as I feel she’d be the kinkiest.

      Making them into futas who are being milked… Ultra Fem I hope you read this and know you’ve supplied me with heavy fap/fantasy material.

    • Daniel Cebastion Muniz:

      every porn should like this

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