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Futa-Bot Delivery by Jiang Shi

Shemale and Futananari Hentai

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I guess somebody couldn’t resist trying out the new Futa-Bot 100 penis attachment for themselves. I wonder if she’ll still drop off the package or keep it for herself. Hopefully the latter. Then she can come over to my place and make a special delivery…in my butt.

I wish Jiang Shi did more futanari hentai. I absolutely love his style. The perspective of this piece is amazing and the detailing is off the charts. I love all her tattoos and the graffiti on the walls.

Hell, I don’t care if Jiang Shi draws more dickgirls or not, I just want him to draw more period. He only has 24 pics on Hentai Foundry since October 2012, that’s a damn shame. I’m sure he’s busy and whatnot, but damn, I need my fix lol. Make sure you guys show him some love and maybe we’ll get more pics in the future.

Art by Jiang Shi ~ Hentai Foundry

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    2 Responses to “Futa-Bot Delivery by Jiang Shi”

    • Doodle:

      I don’t get it, is it something that she puts on her dick that milks the shit out of her or what? Hot as hell either way.

    • Yet Another Futa Fan:

      Seems like an attachment job. The girl puts it on her crotch, it melds to her body, and she’s able to feel every touch.

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