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Futa Bunnies by Sweet Slumber

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Man does Sweet Slumber move fast! Thanksgiving’s not even over yet and he’s already prepared for Easter!

Alright, so they are meant to be Playboy Bunnies rather than Easter Bunnies but who cares? They’re FUCKING GORGEOUS no matter which way you look at them. I mean that literally as well as figuratively. Sweet Slumber is showing us a lot of lovely angles and poses with these lovely ladies, ranging from ass to sideboob to full frontal. The bright colors add to the already eyecatching image and draw your attention along long legs, over spankable asses, and down throbbing cocks with big reddened tips just waiting for a kiss!

The expressions are also pitch-perfect. The hungry eagerness of the black bunny-futa contrasts wonderfully with the surprised but not displeased futa with the blue-green hair, who I imagine has only just noticed the carrot dildo sneaking under her ballsack. Meanwhile in the background the purple-haired futa is smiling with anticipation, no doubt getting ready to hop into the pile and get her friends humping like…well humping like rabbits.

Now go fullscreen this image, marvel at it for a while, then watch Sweet Slumber over on Hentai Foundry, because I’m certain more beauties like these are on the way!

– Rexxon

Sweet Slumber ~ Hentai Foundry

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