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Futa Elf by Potchi

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oooooooooooooo This little elf girl is so cute!!! The picture is drawn as if the viewer looking up at her and makes it ultra sexy. She has multiple piercings perfectly placed to give like a rebel look to her, but then her big beautiful green eyes kind of bring back the sweet to her face and also kind of mesmerized me. She has very nice sized boobs, just right for any occasion – not to big, not to small. Her cock is beautifully shaped, nice and erect with no balls and showing part of the lips which looks nice and fresh pink.

She is wearing what looks like boots that you would typically find an elf wearing in most stereotypes – like leatherish laced together – but what I notice most about this picture is her choker. The symbol on the front is familiar to me. I’ve seen that symbol before on the Ghost of Mars movie (the commander girl has it on a necklace) but when I saw it on that movie I knew I had seen it somewhere else, another hentai maybe that stuck in my mind? A different movie that has the same symbol? Now I see it again, is this some kind of symbol that means something to me? I have no idea but someone leave in the comments where this symbol is from, I must know!!!

– Stephanie

Art by Potchi ~ Hentai Foundry ~ Tumblr

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    4 Responses to “Futa Elf by Potchi”

    • sukai:

      It’s a Celtic triquetra or trinity knot. You might know it from the TV show “Charmed”.

    • roththemage:

      What sukai said it also appears in a lot of religion’s and it’s supposed to be a symbol of power just like the five point star for spell casters

    • Playing ryse:

      I think that the medallion also stands for the elements. One tip is for earth, water, and air. Then the circle is for the binding natures that allow life to flourish. I also think that’s what they based the tri-force off of too.

    • Pikapi:

      jesus … each time i seea wonderful picture like that, i had to slap myself manytimes to remind me that this is jsut fiction :'(

      i want to be her pet!!!!!!!!!!!

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