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Futa High 2 by Devilklin

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Another artist that I don’t think has ever been seen on Futanari Obsession. Goes by the name of devilklin. We also haven’t had a CG or 3D or whatever-you-want-to-call-it piece in some time so here’s one and I must say it looks gorgeous!

One thing that turns me off of CG’d art is how often times skin is rendered as though it was made of rubber, being exactly the same color everywhere and drifting into the uncanny valley.

Happily, I have no such problem here! If you look closely at her cock, you can see the veins running up and down its length, colored a faint blue shade. The skin darkens slightly and the skin is bunching up just slightly around the head of the cock, in a fantastically realistic way. A little stream of precum dangling tantalizingly from her cock just completes the image. And of course that tattoo is perfect. “HUNG” indeed!

Working our way up, her midriff is also gorgeous and you can actually see the faint ripples where her abs are! Further up, her breasts are beautifully shaped as well, and the areola are actually raised slightly from the curve of each tit, capped by those perky little nipples!

And of course her face is incredibly well-made as well. Her eyebrows raised inquisitively, her eyes peering over her glasses, the slight upward quirk of her lips, her high cheekbones and that tiny mole on her cheek.

I love devilkin’s work here and strongly recommend taking a look at some of his other futanari renders!

– Rexxon

devilklin ~ Hentai Foundry

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