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Surprise After Drinking by Futawing

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Perhaps the viewers of Futanari Obsession remember my previous post about our miraculous twin products Genuine Instant Futa Mixture ™ and present Genuine Instant Breast Expansion Fluid ™ (Genuine Instant B.E. Fluid ™, “Be all you can B.E.” !)

Well, our boys in the lab are always working on improving and refining the patented formula while also developing interesting new variations of our amazing product. When we have a new formula that’s ready for testing, we send it off to our dedicated team of researchers who carefully give the transformative mixtures to our volunteer test subjects.

Here we see one such test subject experiencing the effects of our latest formula. As you can see, this young lady is sporting a hefty and proud new cock courtesy of our Genuine Instant Futa Mixture Mk. 2.5 ™. This latest variation has been found to have much faster results and has the added benefit of remaining in the bloodstream longer so that your new cock will continue grow bigger over time.

Of course to make sure the results of the test are unbiased, we couldn’t disclose the full nature of the experiment to the test subject. No doubt she was a little surprised when her new cock started sprouting from her body and growing into a thick shaft of rockhard meat. The subject appears to be blushing intensely, not just out of embarrassment but also because she has just discovered that this version of our formula has the side effect of throwing the libido into overdrive, producing huge volumes of hormones that will make the nerves of the new organ extremely sensitive until the faintest breeze will induce climax.

But don’t worry, our trained and experienced staff will be there to help her. Every step of the way.

– Rexxon

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    2 Responses to “Surprise After Drinking by Futawing”

    • FutAfaN:

      lovely. amazing work. really love it. she all looks amazing, and hot the way she is, maybe the cock is too big, but the rest is awesome.

    • Evilkaz:

      Looks great I love futawing’s stuff. I also laughed at the insanely funny commentary rexxon. Keep em coming.

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