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Futa Nadia and Lei Lei picking up guys in a bar

Futa Nadia and Lei Lei picking up guys in a bar by Tekuho

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Now this is my kind of bar! If that’s what these young sluts do to get a man’s attention I can only imagine how freaky they are in bed. I love how Nadia is just firing off a load of semen as if it were no big deal and she could do it at will – Actually that’s pretty fucking hot if she could just cum whenever she wanted. I meant to feature this piece a while ago but I must have forgot about it (although I can’t imagine why that would happen). Once I saw that Tekuho had moved to Hentai United I went back and looked through his older works for something to post and saw this piece. It was sort of an “Ah Ha” moment. Anyways, it might not be supper current but it’s still hot just the same!

Tekuho No Habo ~

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    7 Responses to “Futa Nadia and Lei Lei picking up guys in a bar”

    • Alucard:

      Now, because I am annoying, I will have to correct you.

      The girl with Nadia is not Lei Lei, it is Hsien-Ko.
      Lei Lei and Hsien-Ko are sisters. Hsien-Ko is a Kuang Shi, whilst Lei Lei is the Ward Hsien-Ko wears on her hat in-game.
      So the girl in the picture would be Hsien-Ko.

      Or, it could be different in the American Port of DarkStalkers, and as a result, I have made a total fool of myself.

    • Futa Fan:

      Hmmmmm I will defer to your Darkstalkers knowledge but I was just going off of what Tekuho named the piece as.

    • Alucard:

      Ah, fair enough, if that’s what Tekuho named the art.

      My apologies, but I just got Capcom Vs Marvel 3, so my Capcom nerdiness is off the charts… Hsien-Ko just happens to be a playable character, too.

    • Futa Fan:

      I was gonna ask if you got MvC3 but I knew you probably did 😉 I’m saving my money for MK but my buddy is a big MvC fan and his birthday was a couple weeks ago so I was thinking about getting #3 for him tonight.

    • Alucard:

      Heh, I guess it wouldn’t be suprising I have it… It seems I own nearly every game. (I REALLY need to get out more.)

      I still have no clue when Mortal Kombat will be released in this country… Hopefully soon, I can not wait to play it.

      I have never played any of the other Marvel Vs Capcom games, so I couldn’t really say how it compares to the others… You should get it though, as it is a brilliant game. (Although so far, I have mainly just been kicking my roommate’s ass over and over again in multiplayer.)

    • Futa Fan:

      Hopefully I’ll get a chance to play it tonight and let you know what I think. I used to play #2 a lot back in the day but I was always better at MK. Speaking of Mortal Kombat, the new one comes out here the 2nd week in April. I can’t fucking wait!

    • Alucard:

      Nice, a word of advice though… Get it for the PS3. I find that the 360 Port controls can be a little tempermental… But, that may just be me. (I rarely play the 360, so the controller always feels strange to me.)

      Ah, lucky… That’s not too long. I imagine it won’t be available here until June. You must tell me if it meets expectations!

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