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Futa Time with Fionna by RandomBoobGuy

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For someone calling himself RandomBoobGuy, he does a damn good job of drawing a sexy futa!

I just love everything in this picture. Fionna’s beautiful blue bedroom eyes, the partly-embarrassed and partly-aroused blush on her cheeks, the silky wave of blonde hair escaping from her hood, the way she’s way she’s dangling her panties in her hand, her gorgeous bra-less sweater-puppies complete with erect nipples peeking out through the fabric of her top, that tuft of golden hair on her crotch, and naturally the perfectly proportioned cock and balls she’s sporting.

All of it just looks like it fits together so damn perfectly! And the end result is one seriously sexy lady! I’d go adventuring with her any day!

– Rexxon

RandomBoobGuy ~ Hentai Foundry

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    5 Responses to “Futa Time with Fionna by RandomBoobGuy”

    • Forest Avatar:


    • Shao Catora:

      @Forest Avatar: Time to STFU, because it’s a horrid show. Go watch the old Cartoon Network shows like Courage the cowardly dog, Ed, Edd and Eddy, and Johnny Bravo.

    • Cyborger:

      Wow, she’s gorgeous. I could care less if she’s Fiona or whoever.

    • zoggy:

      @Shao Catora: Shh… No hate now, only fapping.

    • Ultros420:

      My 1st look at this goddess i was stunned,my fav Fiona futa pic!She is soooo sexy!Luv those nice thick thighs and wide hips not to mention those tits,her cock is so well proportioned I luv it when futa art is drawn with realistic sized cocks it makes me drool…*wipes chin* I would hump her butthole til I was raw and swallow her cock and cum til my guts where full of her dick girl nectar. well im hard…AGAIN. thanx FutaFan keep on cockin!

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