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FUTALITY!!! by Barretxiii

Futanari Obsession

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When Shao Kahn’s away, the ladies will play! Hey, if your husband wore a skull on his head all day and could only get a hard-on by conquering the multiverse, you’d be looking at the tight, fit, skimpily-clad girls running around and start getting some naughty ideas too!

Futa Jade has already blown her load into Sindel’s sweet milf ass and there are just streamers of jizz leaking out of her hole. Sindel’s really gonna be screaming to the high heavens soon if her expression is any indicator. Eyes closed to savor the feel of Jade’s length sliding in and out and the sensation of hot cum warming her insides. One hell of a finishing move!

– Rexxon

Barretxiii ~ Hentai Foundry

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    3 Responses to “FUTALITY!!! by Barretxiii”

    • julian:

      With that headline, I was expecting one of the MK girls as a futa holding up a severed set of cock and balls in her raised hand, semen streaming down her arm, with another futa MK girl lying at her feet unconscious and dickless.

    • Yet Another Futa Lover:

      …Good Christ, julian…

      More closely related to the pic–Fuck, that’s awesome!

    • A black guy who enjoys futa:

      lmao the story made me LEL xDDD

      shao kahns an unaware cuckold victim getting his own minion’s sloppy seconds

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