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Future Lex and Teen Lex – Art by Sparrow

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The woman stood back up, and put her hand on the wall beside Lexine’s head, grinning widely.

“Because I’m you, dumbass. Do you believe me now or what?”

It was hard to agree, but she couldn’t deny it. She was looking up into the eyes of Lexi the elder. Lexine from the future. Her future.
The woman undid her belt and jumpsuit top, and her breasts and cock flopped out. Lexine nearly passed out from her sudden erection as her own cock flopped up into sight, and bumped underneath the elder Lexine’s leviathan phallic monolith.
She pulled her shirt up with shaky hands to show off her perky sweater puppies to herself.

“Dude, when I’m your age I’m a total babe!” Lexi Sr. said, looking down at her softer, shorter self. Almost at the exact second that her older self uttered those words, she herself said the exact same line, to the letter. She blushed again, though she smiled widely up at Lexi Sr. when the woman bit her lip and looked down hungrily at her.

“Yeah, that’s a time loop. This shit’s happened before, but don’t worry. Time and space isn’t gonna explode or anything. C’mon, let’s go to the condo.”

– Dyveira

Art by Sparrow ~ Hentai Foundry
Story by Dyveira ~ Hentai Foundry

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