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Ginger & Ariza by ParkdaleArt

Picture Removed At Ariza‘s Request

Holy hell this is some fucking hot artwork! ParkdaleArt is really working some magic with this latest picture of Ginger and Ariza getting down and dirty!

So much is going on here, but I’m going to try and break it down as best I can.

Just at first blush, we can see Ariza plunging her huge cock into her lover Ginger’s pussy, stretching her hole wide open. But then take a closer look. Fullscreen this thing so you can take in the insane amount of detail the artist devoted to this pic.

Check out how Ariza’s cock has clearly torn its way out of her pantyhose, with the big gaping tear and the last few threads desperately trying to hold back her swinging ballsack.

Check out the thick juiciness of Ariza’s dick. It’s big, fat and bulging with veins that attest to its incredible hardness!

Check out how Ariza’s hands are sinking into Ginger’s amply-padded booty! And how that thong was just shoved aside in Ariza’s haste. She didn’t even bother taking them off, just tugged them aside and started fucking!

Look at how Ariza’s boobs are being pressed against Ginger’s belly and are enveloping her cock. And how Ariza’s left tit is making a perfect shelf to catch a yummy helping of Ginger’s cum as it sprays out, splattering the glass door behind them!

Look at how Ginger’s bra has come undone from all the jiggling and jostling and how her eyes are rolling back into her head as Ariza screws her glorious rear!

But perhaps my favorite part? Check out the chesty blonde lady in the background gasping with shock as she spots two cock-swinging futanari chicks fucking each other silly! XD

Kudos to ParkdaleArt for his amazing work!

– Rexxon

The characters of Ariza and Ginger belong to Ariza ~ Hentai Foundry

ParkdaleArt ~ Hentai Foundry

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