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Great King Summer by Spidu

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Alright, this picture by Spidu is hilariously sexy….or sexily hilarious. Either one. This is certainly one way to break the monotony of those long summer road trips!

The one thing that I especially love about Spidu’s art is how he draws expressions. He really knows how to capture tongue-lolling, eye-rolling, face-flushing, cock-gushing orgasmic joy on every one of these girls’ faces! Those ladies must have been really pent up, cause they’re blowing fucking huge loads of thick, gooey cum out of those rockhard rods!

Spidu actually made these pictures to go along with a story he is writing. The story can be found HERE and if you like the image, I heartily recommend giving it a read!

And remember boys and girls, don’t masturbate and drive! Stay safe out there!

– Rexxon

Spidu ~ Hentai Foundry

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    4 Responses to “Great King Summer by Spidu”

    • MAnafis:

      thats my kind of car ride

    • technogen:

      If a road trip would mean I’d have to suck a big girl-cock all the way through, I’d sign up for a trip from here to the planet Mars!
      …one hand on the steering wheel, the other on my head, shooting a load of delicious jizz in my mouth every 5 minutes… A whole road trip with a mouthful of cock and stomach full of cum? Best summer ever!!!

    • futalover:

      @technogen while your in the front seat I’ll be in the back seat sucking the other two off hopefully she’ll go over a bump so their dick would go deeper

    • technogen:

      @futalover A bump you say? Mmm… that would be a nice accidental deepthroat! Imagine her big juicy cum-dripping cock gets shoved so deep in your mouth, her balls will sap on your chin! I want that so badly right now!

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