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[Guest Writer – Alpha Maxim] “Hot Futa Mama” short story

Hot Futa Mama

Busty Futanari MILF by Uno Makoto

You walk up to the door of your girlfriend’s house and ring the bell. As you wait, you glance up and down the street, taking in the quiet suburban neighborhood. You hear the door being pulled open and you turn to greet your girlfriend. But it is not her.

Instead, you find yourself face-to-tits with the biggest breasts you’ve ever seen! The monstrous mammaries spill out of a lacy nightie several sizes too small. The frilly “hem” of the garment is suspended almost a foot away from the wearer’s body, and just barely covers the dark brown areola the size of dinner plates. Nipples thicker than your thumb poke out of the thin fabric, as though fruitlessly attempting to drill their way to freedom.

Stunned, you take a step back to see the rest of the woman who is standing in the doorway and admire her from the bottom up. Her feet are bare save for the sheer nylon stockings that proudly display the long, elegantly toned legs that trail up into marvelously thick hips that support her magnificent ass, formed from two globes that rival her ponderous breasts in size. A pair of simple white panties shields her crotch but does nothing to hide her curvy belly. Rather than suggest that she is fat, her rounded stomach speaks of fertility and comfort. Your eyes slip once more across the massive cleavage produced by the jiggling spheres of her breasts.

Finally, your gaze travels to her face. You realize now, looking up at her that she is quite tall, standing a head above you. Her silvery hair is done up in a bun held together with a clip shaped like a lotus flower. Her eyes glitter in the afternoon light, as though laughing at some private joke. And while there are the faint lines of around the corners of her eyes, she is still gorgeous to behold.

“Oh!” the goddess exclaims daintily, a hand fluttering to her lips as they quirk upwards into a dimpled smile. “You must be my daughter’s new boyfriend! Please come in, come in!”

You manage to smile weakly and follow her inside. Her gorgeous rump wobbles invitingly with her every movement and you struggle to hide your growing erection as she leads you into a living room. As you sit, you try to shift your waist so as to tuck your cock down the leg of one of your pants but cannot, and you are forced to squirm uncomfortably as your hardening member strains against the zipper of your pants.

“My daughter is upstairs in her room,” the woman explains as she passes you a ceramic tea cup and moves to pour you a drink. “She seemed very excited about her big night tonight.”

You grin feebly once again as you try hard not to stare at the canyon of tit-flesh that forms when she bends over to pour the steaming tea into your trembling cup. Then she pours herself a cup and sits herself in the chair opposite yours. You bite your lower lip in frustration as her lips form a pouting “O” as she blows on the hot tea to cool it before taking a delicate sip.

Her eyes are closed and she sighs as she savors the tea. But when her eyes open you notice that they have changed. The playful sparkle you saw in her gaze earlier has become predatory, hungry. Her deep purple eyes glitter like a cat’s in the night.

“Before you take my daughter out tonight,” she says, “I was hoping if I could talk to you alone.” She sets her teacup and saucer on a nearby table and stands up.

“You see, women in my family have special needs. And I need to know that you can keep my baby girl happy.” As she says this, she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her panties. Your eyes bulge as you realize what she’s going to do but before you can react, she drops her undergarment in one fluid motion.

Distantly you are aware that you have dropped your tea cup and feel the hot beverage splashing onto your feet. Distantly you feel your mouth gaping open and close like a fish. Slowly, you process what you are seeing. The woman leans back into her comfy seat once more and splays her legs apart, to give you the best view possible.

Freed from the confines of her panties, a massive cock springs up to meet you. The pinkish, plum-sized head bounces slightly as the deep cock-slit puckers open, drooling a thick gob of precum to the floor. The long, thick shaft is easily the size of your own arm and a network of pulsing veins trace winding patterns beneath the skin. The veins criss-cross the length of the cock, leading back to the heavy sac dangling between her legs. Her bulging testicles, each as big as a fist, sag visibly and throb like a beating heart.

As the seconds tick by, her cock continues to grow longer, thicker and harder as it becomes fully erect. The tremendous size of the cock is beyond belief, but rather than be repulsed, you feel your breaths become shorter and your body heat up as arousal washes over you. Your own cock pushes painfully against the crotch of your pants, as if desperate to meet its “big brother” outside.

The woman grins mischievously she notices your smaller, but no less urgent erection. She reclines into her chair, looking relaxed, assured and dominant all at once.

“You think this is impressive?” she asks with a Cheshire smile. “Wait until you see my daughter’s cock!”

– Alpha Maxim

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