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[Guest Writer – Alpha Maxim] Overtime at the F.U.T.A.

In the not-too distant future, food prices have skyrocketed. Government-enforced rationing is imposed but continued shortages lead to widespread rioting and civil unrest. Desperate to stop the chaos, the government creates the F.U.T.A. (Federal Utility Training Administration) to find new sources of food by any means necessary. Miraculously, within a few short years the F.U.T.A. has ended the food crisis by producing gallons upon gallons of FUTAmilk. Officials claim FUTAmilk is produced from genetically engineered cows that create a highly-nutritious and tasty beverage. Strangely enough, the F.U.T.A. never permits the public to visit the facilities where these cows are kept, classifying it as an issue of national security.

A young nurse named Sasha soon discovers just what is happening behind the doors of the F.U.T.A. as she is kidnapped and taken to one of their secret factories. Under the careful ministrations of the F.U.T.A. scientists, Sasha’s breasts begin to swell hugely, nipples growing fat and puffy, leaking sweet, creamy milk. Then, a lump forms on her groin. The lump thickens and grows into a thick cock, veins pulsing, balls churning with untold gallons of pent-up cum begging for release.

Her metamorphosis complete, Sasha is taken to the factory floor.

It is time for her first milking…

– Alpha Maxim

Overtime at the F.U.T.A. (Inspired by Dmitrys’ pic “Sasha’s Overtime”)

Sasha's Overtime by Dmitrys

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The attending nurses typed in a series of commands into the master computer at the end of the aisle. The machinery whirred to life as powerful pumps activated with a hiss, startling Sasha. The nozzles began tugging sharply on her nipples, making her cry out at the sudden pain. Then from the console, an automated vacuum pump began to hum into action. Her tits began to flop about as the rhythmic vibration of the pumps caused the bloated udders to jiggle wildly. Sasha thought she could actually feel the networks of ducts and glands inside her breasts churning as they tried to relieve themselves of their burden but could not, instead causing her nipples to burn as pressure built up behind them.

Then the phallic stimulator in her pussy came to life as well, first vibrating rapidly which caused her pussy to quiver. Then the phallus began to move forward, pressing deeper into her cunt. Sasha moaned as the vibrating head and rough textured surface rubbed against her insides. The phallus retracted just as slowly, then repeated the action. The pace gradually increased and Sasha found herself jerking her hips back to meet the vibrator, desperate to reach deeper into her cunt, to finally achieve release.

At the same time, the fleshlight around her cock activated as well, as dozens of tiny rollers began to massage her rock-hard erection. Sasha moaned again as the artificial pussy clench, tightened, and pulled at her cock with pneumatic power. Rippling motions coursed over her entire length and Sasha began to thrust forward into the artificial pussy and thrust backward to drive the vibrator deeper into her own cunt. Desperately she began jerking back and forth as the boiling heat of an imminent orgasm came over her.

Then a new source of teasing entered the picture. Sasha had been correct in that the anal probe inserted into her colon was meant to feed her to maximize production as well as remove any waste that might be released if a cow ever lost control, but it served another purpose.

A tiny electrical shock was applied to the inside of her anus and Sasha’s eyes snapped open. The jolt seemed to shoot up her ass and out her pussy and cock, as both organs spasmed and released a gush of juices. Sasha dimly heard her pussy juice splash onto the floor but her cum was sucked away by the fleshlight and siphoned off into a separate collection tank.

Sasha felt herself sinking into the warm afterglow of orgasm when her breasts began to tingle and twitch. As she relaxed, her milk had let down just as they had been engineered to. The action felt much like relieving her bladder, and an immense feeling of satisfaction washed over her as her milk began to flow freely, turning the clear plastic milking tube white as it flowed down the tubes and into the large collecting tank at the end of the room.

After being denied release for so long, Sasha gave a sigh of contentment as the pressure in her tits and cock finally subsided. But Sasha’s relaxation gave way to surprise as her hypersensitive nips began to harden again at the insistent suckling action of the pumps. The vibrating of the powered dildo in her pussy continued, rubbing her clit at super-high speed and stimulating her to arousal once more.

Her pussy spasmed, her cock twitched, the shock in her ass sent pleasure shooting into her brain. Once again, she came with a wet gush of fluid as fireworks went off in her pussy. Panting, Sasha tried to recover from the orgasm but already she felt like she was going to come again, and she felt her juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs, now in a steady stream. Mere moments later she came powerfully again, her knees buckled but the restraints kept her in position.

With barely enough time to draw a breath, Sasha came again, and again, and again!

Her cunt spasmed endlessly, her balls tensed and her cock spurted load after load of cum, and through it all, her udders continued to gush streams of warm, rich milk.

Fear began to break through her arousal as Sasha felt herself losing control, her body was no longer hers. It responded automatically to the endless stimulation and she could do nothing to stop!

Terror and arousal clashed uncontrollably in the cow’s mind, as she turned to face the stall next to her. “Ta-bby. Hel-puuh Muuuh-eee” Sasha gasped between thrusts and strokes. She got no reply, and she saw the redhead dickgirl was likewise trapped in a cycle of orgasms, her own cock buried to the hilt into the fleshlight, her own huge tits flapping madly as they poured more thick milk into the pumps.

Tabby’s face was twisted in an expression of sheer pleasure, her mouth gaping and sucking in precious air between orgasms, her tongue lolling out of her mouth. But what Sasha noticed most was her eyes.

Sasha saw that Tabby’s pupils had dilated hugely, turning her eyes a glistening shade of black.

Tabby gave an almost unearthly howl of pleasure and all around Sasha, cows answered Tabby with howls of their own. Not for the first time, Sasha felt herself grow afraid as she began to understand that the transformation these women had undergone was not merely physical. It was as if their very souls were changed as well. These were not human women, these were animals, these were….

Cows…Sasha realized.

As she sank deeper into her mindless pleasure and began to lose what little remained of her sanity, she gave out a low groan of surrender, but it came out as a….


The supervising nurse leaned back in her chair and glanced at her computer monitor. Seated next to her were two other nurses; a blonde nurse by the name of Dasha was filing her nails while the other, a brown-haired girl named Tanya was reading a magazine of some kind.

As the supervisor watched, the progress bar for the milking session filled to 100% and all around her, there was an echoing series of clicks as the pumps shut off one by one. Above each milking stall, the screens displayed digital timers that struck zero, turned green, and stopped the machinery. The sound of panting cows filled the room as the herd began to relax from their multi-orgasmic milking.

Ignoring this regular occurrence, the nurse opened up a file that listed milk output from each cow. She nodded as she saw that all her cows had filled the minimum production level….except one.

Leaving the computer station, she walked over to stall #12 which reported only 35% the minimum amount of milk was harvested. She realized the new cow, F51, was in stall #12. The supervisor frowned at this. She knew that regulations said new cows be allowed to take it easy their first few sessions, but she had a quota to meet.

Returning to the control computer, the supervisor typed in an override command and ordered the milker in stall #12 to reactivate.

Above Sasha’s head, her stall’s timer reset to another hour of milking as bold red letters flashed one word: OVERTIME

And the pumps began churning again…

To read the full story go here:

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    4 Responses to “[Guest Writer – Alpha Maxim] Overtime at the F.U.T.A.”

    • Futa Maniac:

      omg….this story is……………..epic!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • leoan:

      Yes, great story. Would like to read more like this. Love the description of cock milking. Balls filled with untold gallons and the eyes turning a glistening shade of black. Yess!! so great.

    • Deadlyreaver10:

      Love Smut! of All kinds! but this is one of the best i’ve read!

    • benderluis:

      Amazing! I think I met my quota of bull milk just by reading it.
      Would love more stories and pics like these! Great work!

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