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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Star Kiln by Anokorok

Star Kiln by Anokorok

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Ok! Let’s change gears for a bit. This awesome pic by Anokorok really shows a great marriage between artistic integrity and the old fashioned hotness of hentai! It’s a beautiful mixture between great shading as well as a fantastically grab-able booty. But my favorite part of this is the colors! The beautiful hushed tones give such atmosphere to this piece that really make you feel like your there with them on a quite early Spring day; listening to the hot redhead going: “HHMMGH! OHH! HHHMMGGHHH!!”

And just look at that perverted bird in the background! I bet it’s a wizard in disguise getting a quick look at the hot futa action. After all, what else are powers for? 🙂

All in all, these two cuties really are going to town with that cute redhead hole and that throbbing futa cock. It looks like they are getting close… and Im sure that cream is going to be magically delicious when it bursts! 😛

– JosiePurr

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    One Response to “[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] Star Kiln by Anokorok”

    • Deadlyreaver10:

      I like the subtle blends in color and i really wouldnt have even noticed the lil wizard bird in the background. lil too preoccupied i guess. lol

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