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[Guest Writer – JosiePurr] That Hot Popping Sound

That Hot Popping Sound by JosiePurr

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Well its not often I get to discuss my own artwork, but here’s a fun image I know you’ll enjoy. This particular work of art is by the amazingly talented, world famous JosiePurr (better known as… me lol) It is titled: “That Hot Popping Sound”… for obvious reasons 😉

This pic is all about one thing: suction! The entire image is geared up on the idea of creating the illusion of a hard vacuum on that delicious looking futa cock! The expressions and the positions of the characters were most key! So in order to best serve the hentai lover’s needs, I do what I usually do when planning out a drawing: act it out. Yes, its true. I tend to spend a while curling into positions to see how things bend. In this case, I needed to solve how one can could create the ultimate up suction they can. Apparently, if you’re pushing down your arms onto the person’s legs and stand right over the “suckie”.. it works best. Sadly, I didnt have a cock to test this on… just an empty chair. So if my apartment has a hidden camera in it, the perverts watching probably were very confused. lol (they are probably more confused when I make faces into mirrors to work out my character’s expressions…)

Anyway, this pic has a lot of fun details. The demoness, of course, is always a fun detail. I love drawing characters with different tones of skin then normal because it really livens up a piece and creates a contrast of color thats more artistically interesting to shade. Another favorite bit of mine in this, is the boob tucked over the arm.. just looks so squeezable! <3

Hope you enjoy fapping to it as much as I enjoyed drawing it. 🙂

– JosiePurr

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