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[Guest Writer – Kashk] The many uses of a coffee table

Pokemon futanari gangbang by Spidu

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I love this picture, I found it while roaming around the inter webs some time ago. Now I never found out who made this one but Futa Fan did for me and he says it’s from Spidu so GO Spidu! I don’t know of his work but from what I’ve seen I’m going to love the rest of his work.

Whats not to love about this picture? Lets see, cum everywhere, cock’s stuffed everywhere, and everyone involved is loving it. The art style alone is amazing along with the detail to the characters, everyone’s cocks look like they belong to the character and not just added as in it fits. The only problem I can see, and this is after trying to find anything bad, is the fact the the cum looks a tad watered down. I wish it was thicker and whiter. I feel sorry for the blue hair girl because I’m not sure if she knows what to do with whats in front of her. (hell I know I wouldn’t know what to do)

I can go on forever about the detail and awsomeness of this pic but I’ll end it here. All I can say is I wish I was where the girl was right now stuffed full of four cocks from four hot dickgirls.

– Kashk

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