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[Guest Writer – XRebel] Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

CLICK HERE To Read The Full Doujinshi

Alice in Sexland. A much sexier take on the classic book by Louis Carrol. I think, after reading this, that you’ll all agree with me when I say that this is better than the original. This comic is what got me into futanari. The art is sexy as hell, there’s enough futanari to give me a lady boner instantly, and there’s actually a decent storyline. I hope you’ll all enjoy this as much as I do, and fap to it as often as I do, too!

If I had to pick an All Time Favorite, this would be it. Mind you, this is only the first issue. The image I selected to give you all, although not fully futanari is the cover of Issue #1, with thumbs to several pages. [I replaced the image XRebel provided with the actual cover and created a gallery of the whole first issue ~ Futa Fan] Seriously, go read it.

– XRebel

Click here to read Alice in Sexland Vol. 1

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    3 Responses to “[Guest Writer – XRebel] Alice in Sexland Vol. 1”

    • Spartan009:

      Nice art style, although i would like to see some of the other since not much happened in this one. Good post anyway XRebel 🙂

    • Stanley:

      I have to say, I absolutely loved this entire series. I read from issue one to the final issue of alice in sexland extreme (continues after alice in sexland 9 I think. Something else I really liked is as you’re reading (and jerking) it gets more appealing because of the author’s creative ways of putting nearly every aspect of Carrol’s story into the setting. And being a fan of the original books, that turned me on so much more. Another note is the art. Its so out there in relation to an already insane story and yet keeps a classic hentai feel. I was very impressed with the style. Super awesome find. I think I may go and read it again now.

    • Ventrex:

      The whole series is at

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