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[Guest Writer – Yoyoguy] Totally Spies: After the mission

Clover sucking off Sam from Totally Spies

Totally Spies

When I was younger I remember watching Totally Spies on television. I remember it was the first time I’d seen cartoon girls drawn with a sexy art style. I’d watch it and be mezmorized by the three super secret sexy spy girls running around in skin tight suits. Seeing futa based off my first cartoon crushes makes me want to jizz my pants right now.

After completing their secret mission, running around fighting enemies and being super sneaky, it must get hot in those full body skintight suits. I guess Clover just couldn’t resist Sam’s lengthy cock when they were changing out of their suits. She just HAD to have a piece of her. Seeing Clover suck off Sam while jerking herself off makes my underwear a little sticky haha. I always had a huge crush on Sam back then, which may have influenced my love for redheads. One thing is for sure though, television was way better back then. Now all kids have is Ben 10, sad.


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    2 Responses to “[Guest Writer – Yoyoguy] Totally Spies: After the mission”

    • Cyborger:

      So much about your post (the written part) sounds just like me. I too liked seeing animated girls with more… realistic features (body-wise). I also liked Sam the most. Clover and Alex are pretty good looking too but Sam was the most attractive IMO.

      Is it just me or is there just something very soft, calm and right about this pic? Their expressions, their postions… something just seems very right about it.

    • Ventrex:

      I love long hair it seems more womanly ant i love blondes and i love futa i want more totaly spies futa

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