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[GW] “Introduction: Mongra Shimmerleaf” by Anthony Berden

I wanted to say a few words before I share this story. First, I wanted to thank you all for reading this blog by Futa Fan, awesome person and site, eh? Yep! Anyways, what inspired me for this story was a erotic role-play my friend and I did in World of Warcraft, and I was a pet in her guild, and she was amazing! This is for her, as well as the others that have a kink in being destroyed by a giant elf with a thick cock. Warning!: This does cover toilet-play! Other than that, on with the show!

– Anthony Berden


“Introduction: Mongra Shimmerleaf”

By Anthony Berden

“I plead of your mercy, Chieftain,” whined a humanoid pet – a slave rank in the Bloodstalker tribe – as she sucked at the massive dick of Mongra Shimmerleaf, who was the sole leader of the infamous amazonian tribe.

At eleven feet tall and nearly eight hundred pounds nude, this Shadow Elven giant was all the means muscular – with so much fiber rippling beneath her lavender hued skin, she looked much like a male. However, what made her female was the pure cleavage of the amazon. They matched the size of small beach-balls, shields of the nipple studded with bone. The sensitive tip itself was cross-crossed by twin shards of bones of men she slayed, each spike appearing to look like a penis.

Further down this navy-haired woman would reveal her namesake – A tattoo of a single, green oak leaf that shimmered when exposed to light just right. Beneath was the rock-hard eight pack the elf was known to have, scarred in skulls and weapon tattoos were evident from prior rituals when she came of age… But what made her feared – as well as loved, do not forget – was the monster she so proudly kept cleaned and paid attention to.

The phallus was the size of her forearm, or about three feet long and eight inches thick. The veins that ran along the shaft pulsed, even placid, and gave of a sweat-stained, musky scent that even her own kind was highly attracted to. However, the pets – by all literal means – were bathing in the smell. Anyways, the head of the dick was swollen at all times, small bands of gold and silver just beneath the purple crown of the cock. They glinted always with some sort of runeing, giving a “royal” look to the dick as it was gently caressed by one of her “special” pets (the ones that are chained to her cock and always near the monster and pleasing it).

To summarize Mongra’s set, her testicles were the size of basketballs. The rough, smooth scrotum had lightning-red tattoos that covered the whole bag, the balls beneath perfectly round and swollen. No hair was evident on her body, only for her head (where that draped down to her back). It was very common to see offerings of various things – lotions, condoms, etc. etc., – at the little holding place (large for a human) for which the testicles sat. It appeared these humans worshiped Mongra as a goddess, and her “Gift” a blessing to be impaled on.

Armor for Mongra was quite simple, a lone loincloth of red color was beaded to represent a vagina was the only thing on her body. If one looked closely at the bottom, they could see a small portion of her dick ooze precum wherever her feet lead her.

In two, large hands, were serrated battleaxes each a man in length and weighed nearly two hundred pounds each.

Finally, we rest onto Mongra’s feet and ankles. Each ankle was adorned with a very intricate design of obsidian stone, blood actually pulsing through the stone evidently. They tasseled as Mongra walked, making a “clink, clink” noise like small bracelets to metal. They, too, seemed to be be of some odd power aura this Chieftain Amazon gave off.

To her toes, our eyes feast on their simple beauty. They were finally manicured, digits not too fat or too slim, appearing simple… Delicious. One could have so many fantasies with the black-painted toes, so was their simple modesty and perfection. Mongra’s soles were perfection, not marred by any scars or even soil as she walked. It was common for her to simply trample a pet if she was annoyed at it or wished to release steam. Pets could be replaced, and easily.

“No,” Mongra snarled with a cruel grin, her crimson-glowing eyes glanced upwards from their position staring at the head of the woman she was getting head from, and only her head.

This angered Mongra, and for punishment, she gripped the human’s skull and trusted her skull down onto her shaft. The pet squealed in utter horror, her tiny throat spread painfully wide to fit in the massive prick that invaded her.

The neck bulged obscenely large, a defined shape of the Chieftain’s dick easily seen as it stayed buried in the pet’s throat. The crown was sitting in the empty cavity of the human’s stomach, kept there to simply make an example of the pet for speaking when not spoken to.

“You need to learn how to respect authority,” snarled Mongra as she hoisted the female where the pet’s feet were about her neck, head buried deep into her groin. Mongra then forced the human to do a split, several pops heard as tendons gave way for better angles. “This is how you will be taught.” Mongra wrapped her arms around the human’s large thighs and ass, then began her skull-fucking.

“CHIEFTAIN, PLEASE, I BEG OF YOU!” pleaded the pet in utter agony, her joints being pried open like nothing to the much larger elf, and when she felt the Amazon’s pelvis slamming itself into her face, she knew she would not be able to deter the elf. With each slap of Mongra’s testicles to her face, the damp scent of sweat now staining and blotting her once-pretty face with cooled cum, there were also bruises. The balls of Mongra were so large, each time they forced themselves onto the human, they left bruises. Not large nor blatent, but there to show dominance.

“If you please me quickly, your suffering will end. Your… Behavior must be punished.” With those words, Mongra then forced the female to her back whilst still impaled on her cock. The elf was grinning as of now, gripping the human’s face and thrusting fastly into her. Her balls were slapping hard and fast, making the human whimper as her throat could barely contain the girth of the penis as it destroyed her. Mongra put her feet on the sides of the pet’s head, letting the acrid smell fill the human’s nostrils.

“Uack Mm!!” whined the pet, eyes now staring up at the bum-hole above her, wincing at each ball-slap that hit her face with the force of a punch, and now being assaulted with three different smells – the musky odor of the filthy genitalia, the rotten smell of the unclean ass, and now the sweat-stained feet that Mongra now placed on her -face-. The feeling for the soles was sickening to the woman: the moisture on the soles clung to her hair like tape, the dirt that collected on them rubbing off on her face. Sadly for the pet, she had a large phobia of being dirty, and now she is. Panic was filling her as all around her, there was only Mongra ramming and torturing her to the pain she just screamed- or tried to, due to the cock impaling her- which only gave the prick more vibrations.

“Good girl, scream more… More for your master, make her cum…” sighed Mongra, happily destroying the girl with severe thrusts that made her even somewhat sore. She glanced back to the woman, seeing what damage she had down with her massive smacks.

The pet was beaten, and badly. Round bruises marked her face, an eye swollen and black from when the testicles clashed into her. With a bloodied nose, she merely had to force a smile, but obviously couldn’t. Lastly, her throat seemed to be quivering from the monumental shaft that made her cry and puke several times on it. She was Mongra’s bitch now.

“Pathetic whelp,” snarled Mongra, standing and having to stroke herself off with one hand. However, when she stood, countless other “Special” pets came to her side and ran their warm, pink tongues up and down the slick shaft like little whores.

Mongra grinned wider at this. She removed her hand to allow more pets to join in on her pleasing, and soon she had over twenty humans sucking and licking at her shaft. “Do you enjoy being my pets? My little cocksuckers?” Mongra asked with a sneer, arms on the heads of the two closet pets near her, and pushed them harder into the veined shaft. “Do you girls like being slaves to your goddess and love the taste of her?”

All the others nodded and moaned at this, clearly saying “yes” to their beloved Mistress. To show how much they loved it, they split into two groups with one pleasing the cock tip of Mongra, and the bottom sucking on the testicles to stimulate ejaculation. They smelled extremely strong of her dick now, and seemed to be very proud of this, judging by how they competed for positions on Mongra’s shaft and balls. “You should break the Unworthy One,” a pet cooed, then shoved the dense head of the elven cock into her mouth and inserted her tongue into the cumhole with a low moan.

“P-please… I’m sorry..” begged the bruised cocksucker, struggling to stand and catch her breath. Her stomach was slightly bloated from the precum shot into her belly, and her hand was laid onto it to feel how filled she was. “I don’t feel well, Mis–” the pet then vomited pure white onto the ground.

“I already asserted my dominance over you, you pathetic excuse. I honored you in allowing you to be my cocksucker, and this is how you repay me.” Mongra sighed out in frustration. “My pets, let me show you how you disgrace one of your kind.”

With quick ears, the pets instantly got off the woman and whined, wishing back to be at their licking of the dick they so loved.

Mongra then squatted, placing her hard cock-head into the bruised human’s mouth, and released her bladder. With a trickling sound, urine now was beginning to flow into the pet’s mouth like a hose. The acidic smell filled the air, and made the pet being used as an outhouse cry like a child.

It stung her mouth and throat, but she was forced to drink the urine of her Chieftain, or risk her life to the violent mating rituals of the Bloodstalkers. She didn’t want to die. She loved her life, how unpleasant it may be. The pet gave in, and willingly put herself deeper onto the shaft by leaning upwards and slurping at it like a lollipop. “Please make me your cocksucker again…” the pet whined as she finished off Mongra’s urine-drink.

Mongra then stood, satisfied for now. “I never said you stopped being one,” she snapped, walking off with her dense and toned rear swaying as her legs strode. Two more giant shadow elves followed the Chieftain, as did about thirty servants and pets as the disgraced one was left to fend for her own until they came back.

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    4 Responses to “[GW] “Introduction: Mongra Shimmerleaf” by Anthony Berden”

    • Eliarenath:

      Damn that is so hot. As a long term WOW player i would love to be in a guild like that. Does anyone have any details of them please?

    • anthony berden:

      It’s called the Bloodstalker Tribe, lead by Mongraa. Also, new story coming soon to those who enjoyed it.

    • hmmmm:

      Does mongraa know about this? Because she [he IRL] is in complete denial about doing any cybering [ERP] on mongraa. Mongraa is on the moon guard server by the way.

    • xif:

      Yes, Mongraa likely knows about this, his work used to be published all over Darknest before it’s reset, pictures and stories. Not to mention the countless times I’ve seen him pick up humans in Elwynn as well as talk to me about his guild pre-shit storm of trolls. The guild is no longer like this, or really around, but chances are he knows of these stories.

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