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Gwen is Back by Kras (Pic and Story)

Shemale Hentai at Futanari Obsession

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“Hahnn! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Keep pounding my slutty ass!”

Gwen stood bent over in the alleyway, letting the random man have his way with her. In her hand, she clenched the bills she had taken in exchange for her service; a fairly decent sum, and all she had to do was let him fuck her ass for a bit. It wasn’t long before the tightness of the teen whore’s hole was too much for him, giving a strong, hard thrust into her before filling her backside with seed. Gwen bit down on her lip, relishing the feeling of the anal creampie, letting her client finish up. After a few moments, he proved sated, pulling his dick from her ass and letting his cum dribble down her legs.

“That was awesome, slut! Thanks for the good time…” he said, zipping his jeans back up.

“Don’t mention it, honey. Just remember, if you’re looking for a good time, come find me!” the redhead gave the man a wink and began to make her way out of the alley, the man’s semen still trailing down her leg. Her heels clicked as she put her fair into her black leather purse, placing the cash in her wallet.

When she looked up, Gwen was face-to-face with three sluttily-dressed women; huge tits completely exposed and pierced, decked out in colored-latex fetishwear. Gwen’s eyes trailed down their voluptuous bodies before looking at their also-exposed and throbbingly-erect cocks, the blonde on stroking hers as the three women stared at Gwen’s petite teen form.

“Well, well, what do we have here, sisters?” the other redhead asked, her dick wagging back and forth as she strode over to where Gwen stood. She stood almost a full foot taller than Gwen, even with Gwen’s platform heels, looking down at the teen and licking her lips lewdly.

“I almost didn’t believe that slut when she said there was another whore trying to work our turf,” the blonde said, pulling her attention away from her cock. “This must be one stupid slut to try and muscle in on the Powerslut Girls!”

Gwen simply gave a grin. She had heard of these harlots before; the mankillers who could seduce just about anyone. Gwen stepped close to the redhead, almost planting her head in between her monstrous tits, and laughed.

“I had heard that you girls were having a little bit of trouble keeping your clients, so I decided to give some of your poor men a chance to experience a decent, tight hole instead of those baggy things you call pussies.” The three women looked stunned and enraged, exactly the reaction Gwen was hoping to get from them. The redhead seemed the least pleased, reaching her hand on top of Gwen’s head and forcing the teen whore to the ground.

“Oh, that will NOT fly! Bubbles! Buttercup! I think we need to teach this cunt some fucking manners!”

Blossom’s sisters did as they were told, walking around to where their sibling held Gwen in place. Gwen kept her superior, teasing grin, waiting for the girls to make the first move.

“C’mon, you need an invitation? Fuck me already!”

“What an impatient little whore!” Bubbles said, pointing her throbbing dick directly at Gwen’s face. “I hope that mouth of yours is ready!”

She barely gave Gwen any time to notice her before the blonde shoved her dick past the teen’s lips. Gwen’s eyes opened wide, but did her best to keep a grin on her face as Bubbles forced the head of her cock down into the slut’s throat.

Damn, this one’s thick, Gwen thought to herself. Bubbles’ hands closed around her head, forcing Gwen’s face down hard on her dick. The blonde dickgirl thrust hard, bottoming out in Gwen’s throat with little effort. The teen whore’s neck bulged, Bubble’s cock ramming deep into her esophagus with every strong, pistoning thrust. Gwen couldn’t believe that she was actually gagging as the pulsing member ravaged her, unable to remember the last time she got such a pleasant throat-fucking. Gwen sealed her lips tight, trying to show off her cocksucking skills, forming a tight seal that actually made Bubbles slow her pace.

“Fuck! This one is good…” Bubbles said, her breathing beginning to heavy. Her massive tits heaved as she continued pounding the slut’s throat, trying to keep her pace hard and fast despite how tightly Gwen was clamping around her dick. “I think she might be better–huffhuff–at throating dick than you are, Blossom!”

The red-haired sibling arched an eyebrow at her sister’s remark, bending forward and grabbing Bubbles’ throat before giving a sharp smack across her cheek with her free hand.

“Now, that’s not very nice, Bubbles! Now, apologize!” Blossom drew close, her lips less than an inch away from her sister’s. Bubbles’ lips quivered, her cheek turning a bright shade of crimson from Blossom’s discipline.

“I’m sorry, sister…can you forgive me?” she pleaded, the blonde closer her eyes. Blossom smiled and planted her lips of the blonde’s, she and Bubbles sharing a passionate, tight embrace even while Bubbles continued pounding Gwen’s throat. Much to Blossom’s surprise, she felt a hand reach up and wrap around her cock, the redheaded teen stroking her hardness plainly amid Bubbles’ frantic oral onslaught. Blossom cried and moaned out, her grunts muffled by Bubbles’ tongue still dancing with her own, sealing her lips tighter with her sister’s.

“Fucking lightweights…” Buttercup quipped as she dropped to the ground. She had her lusty gaze fixed on Gwen’s pierced cunt, but seeing the cum still oozing out of her ass made the raven-haired dickgirl change her mind, rubbing the head of her cock against Gwen’s puckering hole.

“Oh, you like taking it in the ass, slut? I shouldn’t be surprised,” she said, doing her best to tease Gwen’s ass with the fat head of her dick. “I’d ask how much you want it, but I can see your mouth is a little busy right now…so I’ll just go ahead and give you what you want!”

Buttercup made a strong thrust forward, slamming her member into Gwen’s backside. The hole was still slick with cum, making pushing all the way up into the whore’s hole take little effort. Gwen’s lips quivered around Bubbles’ cock, the hard, throbbing dick still pounding in her throat. Gwen moaned out muffled cries as Buttercup took her back hole, stretching her ass wide with the futa’s fat cock.

“Wow, I’ll be honest, this bitch is a lot tighter than I thought she’d be…” Buttercup groaned out, her huge tits flopping lewdly as she hammered into her adversary’s ass. Her hands wrapped around the redhead’s thighs, forcing Gwen against her dick even more and letting Buttercup reach the depths of Gwen’s ass. With one precious free hand, Gwen was able to snake her leather-gloved fingers onto her pierced clit and began to rub her button furiously, abusing the metal piercings jutting out of her cunt to provide her with even more carnal satisfaction.

Blossom finally pulled away from Bubbles’ lips, her teeth she gripping on the blonde sibling’s tongue and forcing the pinkness out of her mouth. Blossom opened her mouth and let her sister’s tongue return, Bubbles’ eyes still closed and spit dribbling down her chin. Blossom grabbed the back of Gwen’s head and pushed her forward on Bubbles’ dick, planting her nose against the blue-clad sister’s exposed, taught stomach.

“That’s it, cunt, eat up all that cock like a good little slut…” she cooed, Gwen’s hand still running up and down on her dick.

“MMMPH! GLLLRRRKK!” was all that Gwen could answer back, being forced down on the futa’s cock and getting pounded in the ass beginning to take its toll on the redheaded whore. She removed her hand from her pussy, but it was too little too late as the teen came hard, her whole body wracked with pleasure. Gwen’s form quivered and shook, her asshole clenching tight around Buttercup’s length. Gwen’s jade eyes looked up to see Bubbles, but soon they simply rolled back white, the teen still unconsciously jerking off Blossom’s cock.

“Holy fuck! She suddenly–aahhnn–she suddenly got so tight! Take it, slut!” Buttercup cried out before jamming her dick one last time into Gwen’s tight little ass before spurting out her cum. Gwen barely paid any mind to the roiling semen being pumping up into her, in too much of an orgasmic stupor to notice Buttercup blowing her load. The black-haired sibling moaned and held tight on Gwen’s leg, keeping her dick planted inside her to force Gwen to take all her seed.

Blossom and Bubbles were reaching their limit also. As she began to cum, Blossom hand pushed harder against Gwen’s head, making her choke down all of Bubbles’ cock as the blonde hit her limit and shot her load down Gwen’s throat. Blossom’s seed geysered out onto Gwen’s hair and dominatrix-style cap, covering her with thick ropes of her cum.

“That looks like fun!” Bubbles noticed, retching her dick free of Gwen’s mouth with the guttural scccchlllllkkk noise, her cock still cumming. The blonde began to paint Gwen’s chest with her semen, the whore taking the chance to breathe now that her airway was free of such a large intrusion. Her open, panting mouth ended up getting a decent amount of cum shot into it anyway, Bubbles’ salty goo spurting up onto her tongue. Gwen came back to her senses just in time as the sisters finally finished covering her and filling her with her cum.

“Man, that was awesome…” Buttercup panted. “This chick’s ass is something else!”

“Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I came so hard,” Bubbles nodded in agreement, wiping some sweat off her brow. “We should pimp her out! We’d make a ton of money with this cunt’s cunt!”

“No, I have a better idea,” Blossom said, wiping her cock on Gwen’s cheek. “I know someone who’d pay a lot for a slut like this!”

Art by Kras ~
Story by TheRedDakkar ~ Hentai Foundry

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