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Heavenly Trio by White-Devil

Heavenly Trio by White Devil

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You know, I just realized that I never did a full feature post for White-Devil’s new site How silly of me. I kinda sorta did one a couple of weeks ago but that was a combo piece where Kras did the line work and White-Devil did the digital painting but if you are new to the scene you might not know the White-Devil is an accomplished drawer as well as a colorist. This should clear things up and give you guys an idea as to what kind of amazing content you will find in the member section of

I know some of you will complain about White-Devil having a paysite and thus not update his Hentai Foundry page as much but it does seem to be the way of the future. Keep in mind too if these artists get paid that means they can keep putting out beautiful artwork like this. Personally I am in favor of artists having their own sites and don’t forget, when you join you also get access to Dmitys’ and Reiq’s websites (as well as Cutepet and others). It’s a win/win!

If that sounded like a sales pitch, it’s because it was. I have never once lied to you guys and I never promote sites that I personally don’t like, or wouldn’t join on my own, but the fact of the matter is that I make a living off of the sales I make to and others. Without them I wouldn’t be able to dedicate as much time to Futanari Obsession or have money to commission Phantom Futa artwork (a new piece is in the works right now).

Just food for thought – I’ve been seeing people post a lot of artist’s content on Tumblr lately and it makes me kinda sad but I realize piracy is nothing new on the internet but maybe if people know who they are hurting by doing it they will stop. At least this is better than the alternative (SOPA and PIPA) right?

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