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Helen’s Punishment by SlaveOfNewOrder


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Wowie, that’s a mighty big package this lady’s sporting!

Mmmm, I’d love to drag my tongue all over her and taste ever inch of her amazing body. I’d start with the tip of her cock. Then go up, up, up along her thick, meaty shaft. Slather her fat, cum-bloated balls a few times for good measure. Tickle her cute little butthole, then kiss each cheek. Snake around her back, suckle each big beautiful boobie, and then finally, kiss her red, pouty lips….then shove my cock into her mouth 😀

Ain’t I an old-fashioned gentleman?

Be sure to follow the links to SlaveOfNewOrder’s blog to see the alternates, where her punishment really gets started!

– Rexxon

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    One Response to “Helen’s Punishment by SlaveOfNewOrder”

    • Swinger guy:

      If I came home to that, I would punish her good! Start by using that wet mouth to slick up my dick before pounding her ass. Then place that vibe between our cocks as I use that fat dildo on her tight hole… It only gets better from there!

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