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Her Daily Routine <3 by LCFX

World of Warcraft futanari hentai

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First of all, I came the instant I saw this pic by LCFX. It went like this: I was looking through the newest pics on Hentai Foundry, just minding my own business, and when I clicked on this one – SPLAT – I instantly came in my pants. Were I not home alone that would have been embarrassing. Seriously though, his piece is just all kinds of awesome and if LCFX wasn’t on your radar before with his last illustration I featured on Futanari Obsession then I hope to god he is now.

So what do I like most about this pic? It’s hard to say really. Of course I love the fact that she is cumming in her own mouth and it’s kind of running out of her nose, also the tears are a nice little subtle touch. I love the fact that her goblin partner decided to give her an anal creampie instead of a vaginal one – nothing says “I love you” like an anal creampie after all! To top it all off the coloring is so vibrant, it really makes the whole piece just pop.

In the write up on Hentai Foundry LCFX mentioned that this cute little goblin futa won’t be shaved anymore. That’s not for me but if you are into chicks and futas with a little hair then you might want to keep an eye out for that one. Enjoy!

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