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Hold Me Close by AnimeFlux

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Here’s another futanari story and pic for you all to enjoy. We’re really on a roll these past two days. The story is called “Deep Slumber” by Sapphidia and features two futa sisters doing very naughty things to each other. The pic above by AnimeFlux was commissioned by the writer to go with it. Below is the first few paragraphs from chapter one. If you dig it then follow the link and it will take you directly to the Hentai Foundry page so you can read the rest.

I love both the pic and the story and I think you all will too. Check it out and leave a comment either here or on the Hentai Foundry page letting Sapphidia know what you think of it.

Deep Slumber – Chapter 1

Cutthroat Harbour Inn, 01:45 am.

It was never normally this loud.

Ellorah grimaced through gritted teeth as she balanced on bare tiptoes, shutting the heavy oaken door to their cabin with the practiced sloth of a regular nightowl. She knew her sister was asleep – the endearing snoring had been just about audible before she even started fumbling with the keyhole. As she stealthily entered, mud stained maryjanes in one hand, the vague hint of moonlight rushing through the crack in the shuttered windows outlined Sapphidia’s form under a lump of messy blankets in their shared bed.

The door was being most uncooperative though. In the space of a day it seemed to have developed an entire orchestra of additional creaks across its timbers. Ellorah wondered why she’d even bothered taking her shoes off to creep inside – the sound of complaining wood was ten times louder than the click of her heels. With a muffled sigh to herself, her oaken opponent finally relented and closed with an ironically meager click. She slipped the key in and gave it a gentle twist, thankful that the light snoring seemed to have continued unabated.

Laying her shoes tentatively on the table, Ellorah slipped her undersize jacket off as silently as she could, all the time her grey eyes remaining locked on the slightly fidgeting mound of bedclothes opposite. This seemed oddly commonplace to her these days; despite being the younger of the two, it seemed their new Captain’s workload for the blonde priestess was routinely keeping her out later and later. Still, working for such respected castanic buccaneers paid well, and they had a place to stay out of the deal. None of the other pirates questioned two sisters sharing the same room, especially as it was so clearly obvious that they depended so much on each other.

Ellorah just hoped none of the crew spent too much time listening at their windows.

The vaguely Sapphidia-shaped mound of bedding emitted a muffled moan and started changing shape. The snoring changed pitch slightly, but it was clear the elder redhead was having a rather fitful dream. Ellorah tensed slightly, her hotpants already lingering around her ankles and blouse half-pulled over her head as she froze, desperate not to wake her. The past few nights’ loud late arrivals had clearly started to take their toll on the freckled girl, Sapphidia’s bloodshot and shadowed eyes instilling a deep sense of guilt in her younger sister. No, not tonight, Ellorah affirmed to herself. Tonight, Sapphy will sleep for hours. She deserved it.

Flicking her underwear into the air with a bare toe to catch silently, Ellorah gingerly laid the last remnants of her clothes on their shared writing desk, slipping her glasses off and resting them on the soft pile, before beginning the lengthy tiptoeing journey towards the sisters’ shared single-sized bed. Under no allusions that her nakedness would offer any protection from the creaking floorboards, she gently probed each step with the pads of her toes before daring to apply any weight. After nearly five full minutes, she stood nude at her sister’s bedside, confidant that her sneaky approach remained undetected.

Now for the hard part, she thought. Taking a deep breath, still serenaded by the delightfully cute snuffling sounds from her elder sister’s nose, she reached down and gripped the edge of the blanket, drawing it to one side as slowly as humanly possible.

The gentlest of night breezes whisked between the half-cracked window shutters, eliciting the slightest of shivers and a wreath of goosebumps against Ellorah’s pale chest. The wooden frame creaked a little further open, allowing a broader stroke of ghostly bluish moonlight to cascade over the sleeping form. As Ellorah gingerly tossed the blanket to one side, she drunk in the oddly ethereal vision of her unconscious elder sibling.

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