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Hot Chocolate by Naver

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

Owwwwwwww…my hand is so cramped right now. Why? Well, just look at this picture!

She’s asking “Wanna peek?” To which I have to ask “Peek at what? Your…everything is already out in the open! You’re flashing your chocolate tits, huge honking cock, and big dangly ballsack all over the place!”

Not that I’m complaining mind you! Heaven only knows I’d love to feel and taste every inch of this girl’s body! Especially that yummy looking cock. Just peel back that bunched-up foreskin, lick that cockslit with the tip of my tongue, fondle her balls in one hand and jerk her off with the other! Just keep stroking and kissing and sucking until she blows her load all over!

Then I can have my chocolate with some sweet, sweet cream!

– Rexxon

Naver ~ Hentai Foundry

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    6 Responses to “Hot Chocolate by Naver”

    • homerman567:

      Gotta admit, I’d tap that

    • FutAfaN:

      peek only? i’m sorry but that wouldn’t be near enough.
      crap… my my erection just woke up.
      i was peacefully sitting in my chair, and drinking my hot tea, as nothing happened, and then i clicked futanariobsession tab and everything went BAM! instant erection in seconds. and rexxon, i gotta admit, after reading your text, i got ever more hard. ’cause id do the same. ^^ *drools and dreams*

    • IHeartBlank:

      There’s always room for more diversity in my cartoon porn. I happen to love skimpy bikinis and dark skin, so this is a win-win-win.

    • Brunette, short hairdo, chocolate skin, big cock, big balls…if only she had thick thighs, she would be perfect!

    • futa4life:

      yes please!

    • maarten:

      And suck

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