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How you become futa by Futawing

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Don’t know if any there are many ladies viewing this site who would be interested in becoming a futanari, but thanks to Futawing we now know how to do it!

All you need is a bottle of Genuine Instant Futa Mixture ™!

Apply liberally to the groin and watch a towering pillar of ironhard cock sprout up before your very eyes!

“But Rexxon”, you hypothetical ladies may be hypothetically asking. “One of my greatest fantasies about being a futa is being able to give myself a titjob! Feeling my dick slide in between my heaving breasts and spray a hot load of cum into my face! What if I also want to have a set of massive knockers to match my massive new cock?”

Fear not! For the same people who brought you Genuine Instant Futa Mixture ™ now proudly present Genuine Instant Breast Expansion Fluid ™!

Genuine Instant B.E. Fluid ™, “Be all you can B.E.” ! Pour over the breasts and rub gently and you’ll soon own a pair of fulsome funbags you can be proud of!

Order now! Supplies won’t last long! Makes a great gift!

– Rexxon

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