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Human Portfolio by Natysanime

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

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There’s a “folders of women” joke in here somewhere, though it might have to be renamed as “portfolios of futanari”. But let’s not get into the politics and just focus on some gorgeous futa ladies!

I’d have to say the picture above is my favorite of the two. I love pictures where the artists make some fun and creative poses. And this sandwich of butts and dicks and pussies definitely falls into that category! Not to say the second picture isn’t also great! Two futa dommes with perfectly round boobs and deliciously perky nipples and sweet cocks ready and raring to go? Fucking hell yes!

Many thanks to Natysanime for such awesome work!

– Rexxon

Natysanime ~ Hentai Foundry

Shemale and Futanari Hentai

CLICK HERE To See The Full Size Image At Hentai Foundry

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    5 Responses to “Human Portfolio by Natysanime”

    • vjtime18:

      very crisp clean drawing and colors not seen real often quite like this i likey..!

    • Fungus:

      First off, pussy piles yay! Who doesn’t like a pile of wonderfully rounded asses piled upon one another with fat, smooth pussies peeking out between them? And now let’s say someone added cocks to all those beautiful women and jammed their tight holes with them, who thinks of such things? Natysanime, that’s who. And thank goodness for that because I never thought a pussy pile could ever be improved upon. I stand corrected.

    • futalover:

      I would want to be on the bottom in the first pic and suck and get fucked by the double dick girl while jerking off the single dick for the second pic

    • Natysanime:

      Is a portfolio about furry into humans. …. sorry my bad english… this 2 pic has futanari furry and i draw her in human futa

    • natysanime:

      thanks for the comment♡

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